Enabling the Future of Healthcare

Healthcare devices is one of the fastest-growing industries within the loT of market. Learn how TEAL is Enabling the Future of Healthcare.

How Teal helps healthcare industries

Enabling the Future of Healthcare

Connectivity Challenges

  • Lack of data security due to WiFi networks and legacy telecom technology.
  • Access to Private 5G/LTE Networks.
  • Single-network SIMs and expensive roaming solutions.

Benefits of 5G

  • Reduced latency for faster communication between healthcare providers and patients
  • Unmatched security so that patient data remains secure (especially compared to WiFi and Bluetooth alternatives).

Utilizing TEAL, a wholly owned and patented eSIM platform, devices can digitally access private networks over-the-air (OTA) in hospitals without replacing physical SIM cards within a device.

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Helping To Save Lives

Wearables and Connected Medical Devices

The use of these devices will help doctors monitor patients remotely, while also providing faster response times in emergency situations. Remote patient monitoring is easy with Teal.

Connected Emergency Services

5G can enable doctors and paramedics to collaborate reliably, even when they are miles apart. Connected ambulances will be able to provide more information about patients and their health history faster than ever before.

Drone Delivery of Medical Supplies

Drones are used to deliver remote testing and to safely deliver medical supplies and TEAL plays a critical role in ensuring that these drones are reliably connected at all times.

Panic Buttons for Nurses

Hospitals everywhere are arming their nurses with employee safety devices, or, “panic buttons”, in response to nationwide reports of violence in hospitals.

5G Private Networks For Hospitals

  • Ensure data security and HIPAA compliance
  • Enhanced Security Features

PRIVATE 5G NETWORKS PROVIDE ENHANCED SECURITY FOR HOSPITALS Demand for Private LTE/5G Networks within hospitals and medical campuses is increasing rapidly.