Connecting Fleets

Ensuring mobility and fleet telematic solutions are connected at all times is crucial. Learn more about intelligent connectivity for mobility and fleet telematic solutions.

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Reliable Global Connectivity for Any Fleet Operation

  • Carrier agnostic, reduced latency, and redundancy
  • Dynamic switching between public and private cellular networks and communications technologies
  • Cross-border network switching for localized connectivity, avoiding permanent roaming risks.
  • Cellular + Satellite for remote applications where cellular is not optimal and satellite fills the gaps.
  • Seamlessly upgrade to 5G and other cellular technologies in the future.

Connecting Cars and Trucks Around The World

Teal gives fleet operators the flexibility to choose which carrier credentials best support their business needs. With Teal’s eSIM technology, fleets are carrier and technology agnostic, supporting the carrier LTE bands that their modems utilize. Schedule a meeting with a Teal IoT expert.

How loT Is Enabling Fleet and Mobility Solutions

Connected Vehicles and Fleets

Ensuring a device is always-on is especially important for the transportation and mobility industry. Important data around a device’s location, telematics, infotainment, and emergency services are essential in a connected world. Some examples of connected mobility in action include:

Fleet tracking

Monitoring drivers, routes, and ensuring that your operation is running smoothly.

Vehicle theft recovery

Recovering stolen vehicles is made easy with stolen vehicle recovery systems.

Vehicle maintenance and health status

Keeping your vehicles on the road is a crucial part of any fleet operation. Connected cars help you on top of maintenance checks and needed fixes.

TEAL offers redundancy that no other IoT connectivity provider can. Our patented, wholly owned, eSIM platform allows our fleet customers to dynamically switch between carriers.

Fleet Safety

When it comes to mobility and fleet solutions, the number one priority is safety. Teal is helping customers reduce preventable accidents across their fleets. Advanced technology including mobile video surveillance and advanced collision avoidance systems, from an integrated platform to help predict and prevent accidents, create better drivers, smarter vehicles, and safer fleets. Check out this case study and find out how Teal is helping Safe Fleet to keep our students safe.