OneChip. Multiple Cores. Unlimited Network Possibilities.

Teal’s OneChip eSIM connects to the Teal platform, offering thousands of redundant networks through multiple cores for unparalleled reliability. All at industry-leading pricing.

Unparalleled Coverage

Teal’s platform connects devices anywhere in the world with over 2,000 networks across 200 countries at your fingertips.

End-to-End Security

OneChip is the world’s first truly secure eSIM, delivering encrypted end-to-end connectivity.

Compatible With a Standard or Embedded eSIM

Standard eSIM

Works with any IoT device that accepts a SIM card


Embedded eSIM

Physically embedded onto the motherboard of a device


Ready to start?

For customers deploying 1 to 1,000 devices

For customers deploying 1,000+ devices