Reliable Connectivity for Air Traffic Management: Accessing Secure Global Networks with eSIM Technology

About Skyway

Skyway is leading the efforts in building the most secure automated airspace authorization cloud service for the aviation industry. Skyway is an Unmanned aircraft system Traffic Management (UTM) operation center and air traffic navigation Provider of Services for UAM (PSU), provides electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) and unmanned aircraft airspace mission planning services as well as vertiport airspace management. Skyway’s vertiport development plan is truly comprehensive. Skyway brings the next evolution in automated traffic services to airline operators.

Skyway’s Challenges

Highly complex operations of UTM require secure communication solutions in order to operate safely and efficiently.

  • Determining which SIM cards to use for various flight paths is challenging.
  • Time and money lost managing multiple SIMs from different connectivity vendors.
  • Needed ability to dynamically switch between carriers based on flight paths.
  • Having the ability to maintain reliable connectivity onto the world’s most secure networks is critical.
  • Redundancy is a priority with mission critical drone use cases which requires dynamic carrier switching capabilities.
  • Responding to the ever-growing demand for remote identification cloud services.

How TEAL Is Helping Skyway

With one eSIM from Teal, Skyway can connect onto any network worldwide. Teal puts Skyway in control by giving them the flexibility to switch between carrier networks at the click of a button. Having access to the best networks for any flight path will ensure that Skyway’s comprehensive suite of solutions is available within the UTM operations at all times.

With Teal Skyway realizes the following benefits:

  • Provide better coverage for aircraft (primarily drones) – connect them onto the best networks
  • More redundancy
  • One programmable SIM that can be configured to onto any network removes the need for multiple SIMs and contracts with various connectivity providers
  • Access to the best performing and most secure networks worldwide
  • No longer need to swap out SIMs. They can connect to any network with one eSIM SKU from TEAL
  • Access to the best networks for any aircraft deployment

The Impact

Skyway can confidently ensure reliable connectivity for secure communications worldwide. With Teal, Skyway has ultimate flexibility to switch between networks, which translates into ultimate redundancy.

Press Release

Skyway and Teal Communications Join Forces to Advance Urban Air Traffic Management and Connectivity
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