The Future of Smart Agriculture

As connectivity between agriculture devices is foundational to capturing this data, many still struggle with finding a cost-effective and reliable solution that works in rural areas around the world.

Further, most cellular solutions do not provide customers with an option that is designed for a full range of AgTech use cases because they rely on single-carrier agreements that do not consistently work in rural areas.

A few of these use-cases include smart sensors for crop management, irrigation sensors, agricultural drones, greenhouse automation, and precision farming.

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LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) is a commonly used technology that helps address these challenges by using long range, low-power wireless sensors and can be used to monitor farm assets across miles of fields (i.e., soil moisture, temperature, weather conditions, etc.).

However, by itself, LoRaWAN is not a complete networking option as it requires internet backhaul to pass data from the device to the cloud.  As such, satellite, private, and public cellular networks are necessary for a full end-to-end solution.

Finding a technology that enables these devices to stay connected across various networks is critical for pushing the future of connected agriculture and farming forward.

Why TEAL for Agriculture

That’s why TEAL built a solution that is uniquely able to (1) seamlessly and intelligently switch between multiple cellular networks within a given geography while (2) working on virtually any cellular network in the world.

This allows farmers and those in the agriculture industry to ensure devices always stay connected, capturing critical data that is used to make smarter real-world decisions.

TEAL’s SIM connectivity platform enables:

“Always-on” cellular connectivity across all top major carriers in the U.S.

Cellular today, satellite tomorrow for remote and hard to reach areas/applications where cellular is not optimal and satellite fills the gaps.

Automatic, dynamic carrier switching over-the-air between networks and communications technologies.

Extends the IoT edge with LoRa and/or LPWAN to cellular gateways for backhaul.

Save money and time with TEAL.