Connect Any IoT Device, Anywhere. Gain Global IoT Coverage with TEAL eSIM.

Don’t roam across the globe, connect to home networks. TEAL has thousands of cellular options in its eSIM platform so IoT devices can connect everywhere – securely, reliably and affordably.

Smart Cities + Buildings

Sensors and meters are powering the future of smart cities, buildings, and industries. Make smarter business decisions today with Teal’s powerful enterprise solution.

The future of mobility is connected. Utilizing Teal’s global solution, cars, trucks, scooters, bikes and drones will always stay connected – regardless of what city, state, or country they’re in.


Every farm is different and unique. Whether indoors or outdoors, keep sensors, advanced machinery, water management systems, and more online at all times.

Keeping personal- and health-related data secure is vital. Teal’s industry-leading eSIM technology ensures the highest level of security for your devices so that customer and patient data always stays protected.

GPS & Asset Trackers

If you have business-critical assets—we can help you track, monitor, and manage them. Gain increased visibility into where they are, what they’re doing, and the condition that they’re in.

And much, much more…

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