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IoT Connect welcomes thought-leaders from across the industry to discuss the latest news, topics, and trends transforming the Internet of Things (IoT) 

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The connected IoT market has accelerated substantially since the start of the decade, and the world is on track to spend $1.1 trillion (USD) on various IoT tech by 2023. However, keeping up to date on current technology that is driving the IoT revolution can be challenging in an ever-evolving world with constant innovation. IoT Connect was launched to connect and inform likeminded pioneers who are passionate about the IoT industry. 

Tune in and hear from top industry influencers on how technological innovation is benefiting and empowering businesses across many verticals.IoT Connect will get up-close and personal with some of today’s brightest IoT industry leaders, representing a wide range of businesses in connectivity, 5G, private LTE, healthcare, robotics, oil and gas, manufacturing, shipping, fleets, mobility, agriculture, retail, and others.  

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