eSIM Case Studies

Discover why leading businesses are switching to eSIM technology, and how they are leveraging TEAL to build faster.

Starship Technologies: Accessing Native Core Networks with TEAL’s Programmable eSIM

eSIM Case Study: TEAL brought simplicity to Starship’s operational pain points by providing a single eSIM SKU that gives Starship access to multiple native Mobile Network Operator (MNO) IoT Packet Cores. The performance of TEAL’s Native Core Profile has lower latency with better throughput than the Business Grade SIMs Starship was previously using, which accessed MNO Retail Networks.

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eSIM For Fleet Safety: How Safe Fleet Is Keeping Buses Safe Across The Country

With Teal’s eSIM, Safe Fleet is now carrier agnostic. Teal gives Safe Fleet the flexibility to choose which carrier credentials best support their business needs. Safe Fleet doesn’t have to be concerned with pairing a Mobile Network Operator’s SIM with the correct modem to support that specific carrier. They can deploy the Teal eSIM which will support the carrier LTE bands that their modems support.

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Machfu Industrial IoT (IIoT) Solutions Powered By TEAL eSIM Platform

Reliable connectivity is critical for monitoring remote sensors and field assets. With Teal, Machfu is technology agnostic and can support 3G, LTE and Cat-M connectivity globally. Find out why Machfu relies on TEAL to connect their Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices globally.

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Tri Cascade, Inc.: Accessing Global Networks with TEAL’s Programmable eSIM

Find out how Teal brought simplicity to Tri Cascades operational pain points by providing a single eSIM SKU that gives them the ability to connect any IoT onto any network globally. Learn how Teal provides ultimate redundancy for Tri-Cascade’s smart home IoT devices that need to be reliably connected.

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