AquaSpy’s Global Crop Management Revolution Powered by TEAL’s eSIM Technology

About AquaSpy

AquaSpy, a leading innovator in agricultural technology, is dedicated to empowering global crop farmers with precise, real-time information about the dynamics of crop growth. AquaSpy’s intelligent, cloud-based IoT Agriculture platform connects growers with specific plant behaviors and needs, providing actionable insights that lead to better crop yields, proactive water conservation, and informed soil management.

Their vertical approach to crop health optimization integrates advanced Ag Tech and Precision Irrigation, helping farmers optimize irrigation and nutrient use while minimizing runoff and conserving water. AquaSpy’s IoT Agriculture Technology Platform is proven, reliable, accurate, affordable and easy to deploy and use. Supported by a worldwide distribution network of partners, AquaSpy stands at the forefront of regenerative agriculture, ensuring healthier and more sustainable soil for future generations.

Before TEAL

Before partnering with TEAL, AquaSpy faced significant challenges in offering a fully wireless, seamless solution for soil moisture monitoring. Traditional systems relying on solar power, cables, and towers were prone to damage by critters or farm equipment, leading to potential data loss and increased maintenance costs.

Moreover, AquaSpy needed a connectivity solution that could provide consistent carrier coverage, particularly in rural and remote areas where signal strength can be variable. The complexity of managing multiple SIMs and carrier contracts also posed a logistical challenge, especially as AquaSpy expanded its operations globally.

AquaSpy’s Challenges

AquaSpy faced several key challenges before their partnership with TEAL:

  • Limited and Variable Coverage: Most customers were based in rural areas with inconsistent cellular coverage.
  • Coverage Knowledge Gap: Farmers were often unaware of the quality of their network coverage, necessitating extensive evaluation of networks in different regions.
  • Needed Multiple Connectivity Providers: Managing several connectivity providers and existing agreements with MNOs like Verizon and AT&T was cumbersome.
  • Physical SIM Swaps: They incurred costs and time loss due to the need for physical SIM swaps or “truck rolls” to ensure connectivity.
  • MVNO Restrictions: Utilization of MVNOs led to limited flexibility, locking AquaSpy into undesirable carriers and contracts.
  • Lack of OTA Flexibility: They lacked the ability to switch between networks over-the-air (OTA), reducing operational efficiency.
  • Custom Programmability Needed: AquaSpy required solutions with programmability and flexibility to avoid pre-determining the best networks for various locations.

How TEAL Is Helping AquaSpy

TEAL provided AquaSpy with advanced connectivity solutions through its universal global profile and cutting-edge eSIM technology. Here’s how TEAL addressed AquaSpy’s challenges:

  1. Excellent Carrier Coverage: TEAL’s SIM cards come with a carrier priority list, always connecting to the best available signal, even in remote rural areas. This ensures uninterrupted data transmission and reliable performance of AquaSpy’s devices.
  2. Wireless Innovation: By using TEAL’s low-data, low-power SIM technology, AquaSpy was able to develop and launch their next-generation below-ground wireless probe, Crophesy. This eliminated the need for solar power, cables, and towers, significantly reducing the risk of damage and the costs associated with maintenance.
  3. Global Expansion: TEAL’s universal global profile facilitates easy connectivity across hundreds of carriers worldwide, making it simpler for AquaSpy to expand its operations to new geographic regions without the need for multiple SKUs or complex carrier management.
  4. Simplified Installation: The eSIM technology allows AquaSpy to go fully wireless, making the installation process straightforward and efficient. Devices can be shipped directly to the field and set up over-the-air, eliminating the need for SIM swaps and field testing.

Results Achieved 

AquaSpy experienced multiple benefits and measurable results after integrating TEAL’s connectivity solutions:

1. Improved Performance and Reliability: “The primary reason for our success with TEAL is the excellent carrier coverage. Operating in rural America and internationally, we need access to the carrier with the best signal strength at any location. TEAL’s eSIM cards always find the best carrier, ensuring our devices work seamlessly,” said Peter Ellegaard, AquaSpy CTO.

2. Enhanced Product Offering: Using TEAL enabled AquaSpy to launch Crophesy, their next-generation wireless probe that uses minimal data and battery power, even when transmitting from ground level in fields. This innovation allowed AquaSpy to move away from solar-powered systems that required cables and towers, which were often damaged by wildlife or farm equipment.

3. Streamlined Global Operations: “We have better global reach since TEAL has an excellent global profile across thousands of carriers around the world. Our clients no longer need to figure out the best carrier coverage in their area. TEAL’s solution just works,” Ellegaard added.

Kathleen Glass, the VP of Marketing at AquaSpy, emphasized the importance of global connectivity: “We work with international food and beverage brands and large ag retailers focused on helping their growers conserve water while ensuring consistent yield and crop quality. TEAL’s wireless technology supports partners and growers as far away as Chile, Nigeria, and Egypt with ease.”

AquaSpy Now Benefits from Scalability and Efficiency

AquaSpy now benefits from:

  • Global Carrier Coverage: TEAL’s leading mobile network operator (MNO) partnerships ensure reliable connectivity.
  • Easy Connectivity: TEAL’s global profile provides seamless, hassle-free connectivity.
  • Reduced Logistics: Fewer SKUs and a streamlined supply chain simplify global operations.
  • Simplified Management: No more SIM swaps or field testing, reducing operational complexity.
  • Fully Wireless Solutions: Easier installation and deployment with over-the-air setup capabilities.

By leveraging TEAL’s advanced connectivity solutions, AquaSpy has significantly enhanced its product offering, streamlined global operations, and improved the reliability and efficiency of its soil moisture monitoring systems. TEAL’s universal global profile and eSIM technology have enabled AquaSpy to offer a state-of-the-art, fully wireless solution that meets the needs of modern, regenerative agriculture. For businesses looking to revolutionize their operations with innovative connectivity solutions, TEAL provides the tools and expertise needed to achieve unparalleled success.

“We have better global reach since TEAL has an excellent global profile across thousands of carriers around the world. Our clients no longer need to figure out the best carrier coverage in their area. TEAL’s solution just works.”

Peter Ellegaard, CTO of AquaSpy

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