About Teal

Connecting Everything, Everywhere.

About TEAL

TEAL is an Internet of Things (IoT) networking company that provides programmable connectivity solutions to customers in mobility, transportation, automation, robotics, industrial IoT, manufacturing, health tech, agricultural tech, defense, and network operators.

Like you, we believe in a world where you have the freedom to choose. You should be in control of your IoT deployments and Teal’s eSIM technology connects any IoT device onto any carrier network worldwide. Teal’s easy-to-use management platforms puts our customers in control of the network credentials that live in their devices, giving businesses everywhere the freedom and flexibility to choose which network they want their devices to connect to.

Many companies with IoT deployments that need cellular connectivity struggle to manage multiple network vendors and contracts across a wide spectrum of use cases with different connectivity requirements. As a result, these businesses have historically turned to multiple vendors and Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) solutions to address their problems. However, MVNO’s claiming to offer programmability are simply providing roaming solutions, which results in poor performance, a lack of redundancy, and higher costs. With Teal, connecting any device onto any leading network is easy. Teal is the first US-built eSIM platform to be certified by the GSMA, giving enterprise customers secure, reliable, and affordable connectivity for any IoT deployment.

Through Teal’s marketplace, connecting devices onto any global network is easy.  If you view networks as apps, then Teal is like the App Store for installing network credentials onto a device. With Teal, it’s easier than ever to connect directly onto any network around the world with the click of a button. This saves companies time and money while delivering all the advantages of lightning-fast LTE and 5G networks.

Stop wasting time managing contracts with multiple vendors. Find out how eSIM technology from Teal makes it easy for any business to manage the cellular connectivity needs of any IoT deployment. Get more freedom and control with Teal.

Our Story

Founded by Robby Hamblet and Michael Johnston, Jr. in 2018, Teal was created to revolutionize eSIM technology and to provide a new connectivity platform that provides true programmability. With Teal you get programmatic control to connect onto any networks in the world. 

Robby was previously a senior engineer at Globetouch, a company that provides white-label-platform as a service (WPaaS), for the deployment of IoT applications centered around global connectivity, device management and edge intelligence for automotive manufacturers. While at Globetouch, Robby noticed there was a huge opportunity to build a connected world far beyond the automotive industry. Today, Teal is the world’s first true eSIM platform connecting the world one IoT device at a time.

Our Vision

TEAL is more than just an eSIM solution.

Our vision is to enhance lives by democratizing access to mobile networks everywhere and connecting the world. We exist to give people across the world more freedom and control over the networks their devices connect to.

Trusted by multiple companies across globe such as, Safe Fleet, Starship, Mochfu, Boingo, Intel, and more, our eSIM technology empowers connectivity solutions for IoT devices that were previously not available.
Whether that is tracking school buses across the country to enhance child safety, or ensuring millions of industrial IoT devices stay connected at all times, or securing always-on connectivity of IoT delivery robots as they move across the world, we are improving the lives of many by ensuring IoT devices are connected everywhere; regardless of where they are located.

“The connected world is exploding exponentially and somewhere around 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2030. 5G remains the most ground-breaking evolution to date in the history of wireless networking and Teal believes that business everywhere should have the ability to access secure and high-performance mobile networks while simultaneously unlocking the benefits of eSIM technology”, said Michael Johnston, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer of Teal.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Robby Hamblet

Co-Founder, CEO & Member, Board of Directors

Robert Hamblet is the Founder, CEO, & President at TEAL, an IoT networking company headquartered in Seattle, WA. Teal is the first cloud-native, Network-Identity-as-a-Service platform that provides intelligent connectivity and networking solutions to IoT device and network operators. Prior to founding Teal, Robert developed some of the industry’s earliest eSIM solutions for multi-national connected automotive manufacturers.

Michael Johnston, Jr.

Co-Founder, CBO & Member, Board of Directors

Michael Johnston is the Founder & Chief Business Officer at TEAL, overseeing Operations, Investor Relations, Finance, Marketing, HR & Recruiting. Michael is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and has held several Board and Advisory positions at early-stage technology companies and philanthropic foundations. Michael was formerly a Sr. Management Consultant at Microsoft and also serves as a Technology & Private Markets Advisor for Evergreen Gavekal.

Glenn Lurie

Member, Board of Directors

After starting his career at McCaw Cellular, Glenn Lurie ushered in the modern smartphone era by leading AT&T’s negotiations with Apple to bring the first iPhones and iPads to market. While at AT&T, he built three groundbreaking businesses: the Internet of Things (IoT) business – bringing wireless connectivity to tablets, cars and consumer electronics; Digital Life – AT&T’s home automation and security business; and Aio Wireless – now Cricket Wireless – the company’s industry-leading pre-paid flanker brand. Lurie currently serves on the Board of Directors at Avis Budget Group, Inc., Bill Gates-backed Pivotal Commware, Inc., and Blue Link Wireless, LLC., also serving on multiple companies’ advisory councils. Glenn is also a Venture Partner at Stormbreaker Ventures.

Mike Self

Member, Board of Directors

Mike Self is the Co-Founder and General Partner at StageDotO Ventures. Prior to founding StageDotO, Mike was the Managing Member of Lake Union Capital Management, an investment adviser that managed two long-short equity hedge funds specialized in micro-cap companies which required hands-on development of management and strategy from 2003 until 2016. His favorite part of the startup process is late night and impromptu calls with founders. Mike loves embracing the start-up grind as a trusted advisor and proven strategist creating value across a multitude of funds and portfolios.

Mike Cranney

Member, Board of Directors

Mark Cranney was the founding operating partner of Andreessen Horowitz’s (a16z) market development team where he helped hundreds of portfolio companies scale and accelerate their time-to-market by creating thousands of business building opportunities. Cranney was most recently the COO at Skydio, where he led all operations and go-to-market for the company. He was also COO at SignalFx (acquired by Splunk). Previously, Mark led worldwide-field operations for Opsware (acquired by Hewlett-Packard) and Aster Data Systems (acquired by Teradata). Cranney came to Silicon Valley after being vice president of Americas at Boston-based Parametric Technology Corporation.

Matt DiMarsico

SVP of Growth

As SVP of Growth, Matt is responsible for all revenue generating activities with a charter to build a world class sales motion enabling scale and global expansion. Prior to joining Teal, Matt served as CRO at Polymath Labs, a leader in software development for digital solutions. Prior to Polymath Labs, Matt served as SVP of Business Development at Xavient Digital where he ran sales through the successful acquisition by Telus international. Matt began his career working with multiple technology startups that have all gone through success M&A cycles.

Robb Monkman

VP of Marketing

Robb is the VP of Marketing at Teal where he puts his love for storytelling and go-to-market experience to work heading up Teal’s global marketing and branding efforts. Having launched multiple hardware and software products at early-stage companies, he understands the importance of simple, clear, and frequent communication. Robb is on a mission to tell the world how Teal is helping to connect everything, everywhere. He was previously the founder and CEO of a leading employee safety platform that is relied on by hundreds of enterprises worldwide.

Perry Satterlee

Advisory Board

Perry Satterlee was formerly the COO of Clearwire and Nextel Partners. He was also the CEO of the wireless location services and remote monitoring company, RECON Dynamics. Prior to those roles, Perry served as President of the Pacific Northwest for Nextel Communications, Inc. and Vice President & General Manager of AT&T Wireless Services, formerly McCaw Cellular.

Peter Boit

Advisory Board

Peter Boit has held Executive positions at Icertis, Smartsheet, Juniper Networks, and Microsoft throughout his career, helping scale sales and commercial operations through various stages of growth. Most recently, Peter was Chief Alliance Officer at Icertis and Executive Vice President of Sales at Smartsheet.

Marcus Glover

Advisory Board

Marcus Glover has created ventures and iconic brands with some of the world’s most beloved celebrities including Muhammad Ali, Jay-Z, will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas, and Lil Wayne. Over the years Marcus has consulted entertainers and athletes including; Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, 50 Cent, Shakira, The Black Eyed Peas, Kobe Bryant, Ray Lewis, Peyton Manning, Rihanna, Allen Iverson, and Eli Manning. Presently, Marcus is devoted to investing and advising early-stage ventures as the General and Managing Partner at Lockstep Ventures. Marcus has also held advisory positions at WeWork and B Lab.