Enabling Reliable Remote Connectivity Solutions Across Cellular Networks Worldwide With eSIM Technology

About Stargent

Founded in 2018, Stargent is a Texas-based value-added distributor specializing in cellular, RFID, IoT, and broadband solutions for enterprise and industrial clients.  Stargent enables our clients to deploy connectivity solutions with endless use cases to deliver mission-critical data where and when you need it.  Focused on customer service, the Stargent team has developed a proven process to ensure customer success.  Stargent’s consultative sales process lets their clients focus on business outcomes while they handle the technical details.

Stargent’s Challenges

Enabling reliable robust networks for enterprise customers who are deploying connectivity solutions to deliver mission-critical data, requires highly secure solutions in order to operate efficiently and safely.

  • Having native connectivity and access to multiple networks (as well as the top U.S carriers) to solve customers remote data requirements.
  • Delivering the most secure and reliable eSIM-based solution for it’s customers.
  • Ensuring remote and reliable connectivity onto the world’s most secure networks is critical.
  • Enabling custom IoT solutions that are connected and secured.
  • Providing a simple and efficient connectivity management dashboard to for new customers.
  • Needing the ability for customers to easily switch and connect any device onto any data network over-the-air (OTA).

How TEAL Is Helping Stargent

With one eSIM from TEAL, Stargent’s customers can connect onto any network worldwide. TEAL puts Stargent’s customers in control by giving them the flexibility to switch between carrier networks at the click of a button. Having access to the best networks will ensure that Stargent’s suite of quality products will enable its customers with the best possible reliable and secure solutions for their remote connectivity needs. 

With TEAL, Stargent realizes the following benefits:

  • Reliable and secure connectivity, connecting their customers onto the best networks.
  • Access to 3,500+ data networks, solving customer remote data requirements.
  • Access to the the best performing and most secure networks worldwide, including AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.
  • Higher redundancy and lower latency.
  • More speed, flexibility, scalability, convenience and cost savings.
  • Provides customers with best possible solution for remote connectivity needs.

Enabling Success for Stargent’s Irrigation Customer

Stargent worked with an irrigation company to enable remote access to their controllers via cellular routers and Teals eSIMs.   Teal’s cellular connectivity has been critical to Stargent’s customized irrigation solution by providing these key features:

  • It allows Stargent’s clients to choose their network or have one appointed to them if they do not know which carrier will work the best in the area.
  • It secures the network by segregating the controllers.
  • It allows Stargent’s clients’ remote monitoring

Being able to run the controllers on a separate network has allowed our clients to better support HOAs, utilities, commercial enterprises, and more.

Press Release

TEAL and Stargent Partner to Deliver Reliable Remote Connectivity Solutions

“TEAL, a leading provider of eSIM technology and Stargent, a provider of custom-engineered IoT solutions, have announced a partnership that will enable remote connectivity across cellular networks worldwide.”

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“Teal’s simple implementation process and comprehensive dashboard allow our team to quickly on-board new clients. We are thrilled to leverage Teal’s world-class solution to bring connectivity to Stargent’s customers.”

CEO and Founder at Stargent

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