Accessing Global Networks and Streamlining Deployment Time with TEAL’s Programmable eSIM

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About Volatus Aerospace

Volatus Aerospace is a leader in commercial drones and UAV technologies, providing semi-autonomous aviation, robotic systems and integrated solutions for clients globally. The company serves both civil, government, and defense markets. Having established itself in the drone services market, providing infrastructure inspection, mapping and modelling services, the Company has leveraged this expertise into the key sectors of equipment distribution, public safety, drone cargo delivery, and security and defense. Their aviation division provides long-range pipeline patrol and inspection with the integration of AI and autonomous uncrewed aircraft and remotely operated robotic solutions.

Volatus brings a rich history and experience in manned aircraft operations, safety, compliance, and innovation to the evolving unmanned aircraft market – developing all aspects of this new ecosystem. As global aviation authorities work toward future-proofing regulations and operating ecosystems, Volatus is positioned to be relied upon as a strong, commercial partner.

Volatus Aerospace’s Challenges

  • Needed a solution to support global growth of drone use in mission critical and commercial applications requiring robust mobile network data connectivity across multiple mobile networks and multiple countries to ensure safe and compliant drone operations
  • Budgeting for roaming services, multiple carrier agreements and other costs created an accounting headache for Volatus
  • Locked into networks with limited flexibility to switch between multiple carriers
  • Required greater range and better telemetry backhaul
  • Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS) drones faced challenges staying reliably connected beyond an eight-mile range
  • Required reliable connectivity that delivers low-latency and high-throughput performance in order to move safely toward pilot “on the loop” vs “in the loop”
  • Required dynamic carrier switching capabilities and redundancy for mission critical drone use cases
  • Needed to streamline and improve deployment time of extended range and Beyond Visual line of Sight (BVLOS) drones

How TEAL Helped Volatus Aerospace

Volatus Aerospace has aviation assets that are globally managed by a diverse data management scheme. With TEAL,  Volatus realized the following benefits:

  • No longer needed to deal with the complexities of working with multiple MNO’s (mobile network operators) or MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators)
  • Experienced greater throughput with lower latency and higher redundancy
  • Enabled programmable access to any network worldwide
  • Benefitted from easier and faster deployment of drones
  • Achieved reliable, fast connectivity enabling one pilot to fly multiple drones farther than ever before

TEAL brought simplicity to Volatus Aerospace’s operational pain points by providing a single eSIM SKU that gives them the ability to connect any drone onto any network globally. Roaming is expensive, and Teal connects Volatus Aerospace drones directly onto global networks. This translates into lower latency, higher redundancy, higher throughput, and cost savings. Volatus Aerospace no longer needs to spend time managing multiple contracts and vendors. Teal provides ultimate redundancy for Volatus drones that need to be reliably connected around the world.

The Results

  • Volatus will be deploying Teal eSIM cards supporting multicarrier subscriptions in cellular-equipped drones with a significant reduction in technical configuration and account management activities
  • eSIMs will be rolled out to devices globally within the next several months
  • Massive cost savings and futureproofing against network sunsets
  • Ability to support new technologies as they evolve
  • Easier, faster deployments
  • Access to any network, anywhere in the world
  • Cellular equipped drones that will enable reliable BVLOS drone flights

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