eSIM For Fleet Safety: How Safe Fleet Is Keeping Buses Safe Across The Country

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About Safe Fleet

Safe Fleet has unified an unrivaled portfolio of best-of-breed smart solutions for fleets of every type. From equipping school buses with onboard video systems to protecting first responders with innovative fire-fighting equipment, to reducing back strain with ergonomically-designed ladder-racks, the Safe Fleet mission is to ensure that drivers, passengers, first responders, in-the-field workers, and pedestrians arrive home safely.

Safety is at the core of every Safe Fleet innovation – the goal to help customers reduce preventable accidents across their fleets. Safe Fleet product lines include advanced technology, mobile video surveillance, fleet management and advanced collision avoidance systems. Together, these products form an integrated platform to help predict and prevent accidents, create better drivers, smarter vehicles and safer fleets.

Safe Fleet Challenges

  • Safe Fleet needed a solution that would allow their cellular solutions to be carrier agnostic.
  • Safe Fleet Transit, Rail, and School Bus markets required access to specific MNO connections to support coverage in various locations throughout the U.S.

How TEAL Helped Safe Fleet

Teal is the right solution for the right application. With Teal’s eSIM, Safe Fleet is now carrier agnostic. Here are two major wins for Safe Fleet as a result of implementing Teal.

  1. Safe Fleet no longer has to have multiple MNO contracts. No need to juggle various SIM cards and mobile platforms. No more truck rolls. Having one programmable eSIM saves time and money.
  2. Safe Fleet no longer needs to worry about pairing the right SIM with the right hardware/modem gateway. Teal offers flexibility and support with prompt replies and a 24/7 NOC team.

Teal gives Safe Fleet the flexibility to choose which carrier credentials best support their business needs. Safe Fleet doesn’t have to be concerned with pairing a Mobile Network Operator’s SIM with the correct modem to support that specific carrier. They can deploy the Teal eSIM which will support the carrier LTE bands that their modems support.

The Results

  • Over 11,000 shipped eSIMs
  • Current install base of over 1500 buses that are active
  • Adding over 600 buses by the end of this year
  • Safer school buses!

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