Enabling Success for Stargent’s Customer’s With TEAL’s Smart eSIM Technology

About Stargent

Founded in 2018, Stargent exists for one reason: to deliver quality products to ensure robust networks and communications for our customers. Stargent is a value-added distributer specializing in cellular, RFID, IoT, and broadband solutions for enterprise and industrial clients. Stargent enables their clients to deploy various connectivity solutions with an endless array of use cases to deliver mission-critical data where and when they need it. Stargent supplies passive and active components for remote monitoring, auto-receiving, and logistics. Stargent’s consultative sales process lets their clients focus on business outcomes and leave the technical details to them. In short, they exist to deliver excellent service and value to their customers and build relationships that last.

Stargent’s Challenges

Stargent faced several key challenges before their partnership with TEAL:

  • Limited and Variable Coverage: Many commercial customers were in remote areas with inconsistent cellular coverage and remote data requirements.
  • Lack of OTA Flexibility: Stargent’s customers lacked the ability to switch between networks over-the-air (OTA) remotely, reducing reach in new markets and decreasing the value proposition for their products.
  • Custom Programmability Needed: Stargent’s customers required solutions with programmability and flexibility to avoid pre-determining the best networks for various locations.
  • Needed Multiple Connectivity Providers: Managing several connectivity providers and existing agreements with MNOs like Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T was cumbersome.
  • Physical SIM Swaps: They incurred costs and time loss due to the need for physical SIM swaps or “truck rolls” to ensure connectivity.

How TEAL Is Helping Stargent

TEAL addressed Stargent’s challenges and provided them with advanced remote connectivity solutions through its cutting-edge eSIM technology such as:

  1. Excellent Remote Carrier Coverage: TEAL’s SIM cards come with a carrier priority list, always connecting to the best available signal, even in remote rural areas. This enables Stargent to deliver the industry’s most secure and reliable eSIM-based solution for enterprise customers.
  2. Global Expansion: TEAL’s eSIM technology provides native connectivity and access to thousands of data networks worldwide to solve Stargent’s clients remote data requirements across various industry verticals. By enabling remote connectivity for their commercial customers, Stargent’s clients can reach new markets and increase the value proposition for their products.
  3. Reliable and Secure Connectivity: TEAL’s platform allows Stargent to provide IoT solutions that are connected and secure while ensuring security by segregating the IoT network from the client’s existing network. This allows Stargent to deliver customer IoT solutions while keeping network security at the forefront of their solution architecture.
  4. Simplified Implementation: TEAL’s simple implementation process and comprehensive eSIM management dashboard allows Stargent to quickly onboard new clients, and enables Stargent and their customers to easily connect any device onto any data network over-the-air (OTA).

Stargent’s Customers Now Benefit From

The combination of TEAL’s eSIM technology and Stargent’s end-to-end solutions offers unparalleled speed, flexibility, scalability, convenience and cost savings. On top of this, this partnership also provides Stargent’s customers with benefits such as:

  • Global Carrier Coverage: TEAL’s leading mobile network operator (MNO) partnerships and access to 3,500+ data networks worldwide ensure reliable connectivity in remote areas and solve remote data requirements.
  • Easy, Reliable and Secure Connectivity: TEAL’s secure and reliable global profile enables seamless, hassle-free connectivity.
  • Simplified Implementation and Management: No more SIM swaps or field testing, reducing operational complexity. With TEAL’s dashboard, customers can quickly and easily connecting any device on any data network over-the-air.
  • Fully Wireless Solutions: Easier installation and deployment with over-the-air setup capabilities.

Stargent Irrigation Customer Case Example

Stargent worked with an irrigation company to enable remote access to their controllers via cellular routers and TEAL’s eSIMs. TEAL’s cellular connectivity has been critical to Stargent’s customized irrigation solution by providing these key features:

  • It allows Stargent’s clients to choose their network or have one appointed to them if they do not know which carrier will work the best in the area.
  • It secures the network by segregating the controllers.
  • It allows Stargent’s clients’ remote monitoring

Being able to run the controllers on a separate network has allowed our clients to better support HOAs, Utilities, commercial enterprises, and more.

“The TEAL team is a pleasure to work with, and their input provided the necessary expertise to bring our vision to market. Teal’s simple implementation process and comprehensive dashboard allow our team to quickly on-board new clients. We are thrilled to leverage Teal’s world-class solution to bring connectivity to Stargent’s customers.”

Jon Reedy, CEO and Founder of Stargent

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