Starship Technologies: Accessing Native Core Networks with TEAL’s Programmable eSIM

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About Starship Technologies

Starship is the world’s leading robot delivery service on college campuses and cities. Their robots deliver food, drinks, office stationery, tools, and other items on small and large campus environments across the world. Starship robots complete thousands of autonomous deliveries per day on campuses and cities across the US and EU. Starship is an American company headquartered in San Francisco, with R&D facilities in Estonia and Finland.

Starship Technologies is revolutionizing deliveries with autonomous robots. The robots are designed to deliver food, groceries and packages locally in minutes. The delivery robots have traveled millions of miles and completed three million autonomous deliveries around the world.

Starship’s Challenge

  • Starship had complexities associated with determining which Mobile Networks would perform best at a given site.
  • Starship had no way to program devices onto multiple networks with a single SIM solution. Instead, they utilized several SIM vendors across different geographies.
  • Starship faced complexities associated with negotiating agreements with multiple Mobile Network Operators
  • Starship experienced high latency and low throughput on business grade SIMs that accessed retail networks.
  • Starship paid a premium for their previous solution.

How TEAL Helped Starship

Starship relies on TEAL to connect their autonomous robots because TEAL:

  1. Eliminates complexities of working with multiple MNO’s
  2. Has better throughput with lower latency
  3. Enables programmable access to native core networks
  4. Provides the ability to switch dynamically between networks

TEAL brought simplicity to Starship’s operational pain points by providing a single SIM SKU that gives Starship access to multiple native MNO IoT Packet Cores. The performance of TEAL’s Native Core Profile has lower latency with better throughput than the Business Grade SIMs they were using, which accessed MNO Retail Networks.

Teal provides both primary and back-up credentials with IoT packet core latency below 100ms roundtrip, allowing Starship’s Robots to perform flawlessly.

Starship Technologies is now replacing their entire fleet of Robots (which uses various SIM solutions) with TEAL’s programmable eSIM credentialing platform.

The Results

  • Teal eSIMS deployed on over 1,000 robots.
  • Doubling in the next year.
  • Futureproofing against technology sunsets.
  • Ability to support new technologies as they evolve.
  • Currently supporting Starship Technologies in North America with EU expansion on the horizon.

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