PLUS+ for Mobile Network Operators

TEAL PLUS+ provides a simple, secure, and efficient way for MNOs to manage and deploy eSIMs globally. PLUS+ is a unique cloud native SMDP+ solution designed to accelerate MNO and MVNO carrier eSIM strategy.

Empowering Mobile Network Operators to Deliver eSIM Services

PLUS+ provides a fresh take on the traditional legacy platforms provided by the small list of other SMDP+ vendors. From the ground up, it was designed to provide self-service functionality for MNO eSIM, SIM, and iSIM teams. This has the benefit of ultimate control and flexibility while also delivering profile and data generation services without any setup fees at around half the operating costs of competitive solutions. The innovative commercial structure of PLUS+ is expected to measurably increase eSIM adoption worldwide.


PLUS+ Helps to Increase Your Subscriber Base

With eSIM technology from Teal, MNOs can see an increase in both subscribers and profits alike. Now is the perfect time for MNOs to capitalize on this technology if they want their businesses to stay ahead of the competition!  Find out how PLUS+ provides a simple, secure, and efficient way for operators to manage and deploy eSIMs globally. 

PLUS+ is a GSMA Certified SMDP+ eSIM Platform

Teal is the first U.S. headquartered company to receive certification for the GSMA’s Security Accreditation Scheme for Subscription Manager Data Preparation Plus (SMDP+). This certifies that Teal’s eSIM technology meets or exceeds the latest security requirements as set forth by the GSMA. The GSMA is an industry organization made up of more than 750 mobile operators worldwide and 400 additional companies with the goal of advancing mobile technology. The SMDP+ certification is only granted to platforms that meet the highest standards of security and functionality.