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IoT Connect welcomes thought-leaders from across the industry to discuss the latest news, topics, and trends transforming the Internet of Things (IoT) 

IoT Connect Latest Episodes

In this episode we welcome, Michael Zeto to our show!

Mike is a seasoned technology executive and telecom operator with a successful track record of leading high growth initiatives for Fortune 100 brands and emerging businesses. He currently serves as chief commercial officer (CCO) at Boingo Wireless, a leading connectivity provider. Mike is focused on bringing the promise of 5G and digital transformation to large venues and enterprises worldwide!

Topics Covered:

  • What is the promise of 5G and how will it change the way that business, people, and things connect?
  • How is 5G powering the connected enterprise?
  • How can enterprises best manage connectivity demands?
  • How Boingo and TEAL are working together at Petco Park.
  • Advice for leading a great team.

In this episode, we welcome Glenn Lurie to our show!

Our guest, Glenn Lurie is currently a Partner at Stormbreaker Venture Group, serves on the board of Teal Communications as well as being on the board of Avis and 4 other companies. Glenn was previously the President and CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Operations. He has also served as the CEO and Director at Synchronoss Technologies, and was the Chariman-Emeritus at CTIA-The Wireless Association. Glenn was named as one of just 10 “MobileGameChangers” by Russell Reynolds Associates for his mobile-first approach to developing innovative services that enhance the way people live. Glenn was named to the Global Telecom Business “Power 100” multiple times, awarded Wireless Week’s Telecom Leadership Award. In this episode take a look at the early days of IoT from a carrier perspective. Having led AT&T Mobility and Consumer Operations gave Glenn a unique perspective on the connected world during the early days of IoT.

Topics Covered:

  • Why were carriers like AT&T either bullish or bearish on IoT?
  • What was the spark that got carriers excited about IoT?
  • What multi-carrier connectivity offerings will be the most successful?
  • What are some of the benefits of the connected car?
  • What are some of the challenges that companies like Avis are trying to overcome when it comes to keeping their cars connected?
  • What are some of the most exciting use cases that will benefit the most from 5G?
  • What about 5G Private Networks?
  • How will private networks play a role in the 5G IoT ecosystem?

In this episode, we welcome Robb Tiffany to the show!

Our guest, Rob Tiffany is a technology executive, digital strategist and U.S. Navy Submarine veteran. A bestselling author, podcaster, and keynote speaker, his thought leadership ranges from the Internet of Things to Sustainability to Mobile. He’s designed and developed software used by the world’s largest organizations. In this episode go back in time to the early days of IoT.

Topics Covered:

  • What were some of the early IoT use cases that gave rise to the connected world of today?
  • How is IoT improving agriculture?
  • What is digital twinning?
  • What are the benefits of 5G for IoT and IIoT?

In this episode, we welcome Mark Cranney to our show!

Our guest, Mark Cranney has successfully led three high-growth companies to Unicorn-status in his career as an operator. He was the COO at Skydio, an enterprise and consumer drone company where he led all operations and go-to-market strategy for the company. Prior to Skydio, Mark was COO at SignalFX and he was the founding operating partner of Andreessen Horowitz’s market development team. Mark led worldwide-field operations for Opsware and his company-building skills at Opsware are well chronicled in two of Ben Horowitz’s books: “The Hard Thing About Hard Things” and “What You Do Is Who You Are”. Mark has seen what it takes to achieve greatness and it was a pleasure to have this go to market legend of the sales game on our podcast.

Topics Covered:

  • How are drones helping with things like national defense,  first responders and even with enterprises?
  • How to ensure that things that move, like drones, stay reliably connected?
  • Cranney Farms and Mark’s background in farming. How IoT is having a positive impact on farming.
  • The promise of eSIM technology.
  • The most exciting IoT technologies that will make a dent in the universe in the next 3-5 years.
  • Go-to-market advice for founders and other pioneers.

In this episode, we welcome Perry Satterlee to our show!

Our guest, Perry Satterlee, was formerly the COO of Clearwire. He was also the President of the Pacific Northwest Area for Nextel Communications, Inc., served as Vice President and General Manager of Central California District of AT&T Wireless Services, formerly McCaw Cellular, and he was General Manager of McCaw Cellular’s Ventura/Santa Barbara market. 

Topics Covered:

  • The early days of IoT from the carrier’s perspective.
  • Why the carriers were slow to make the move form voice to data.
  • Clearwire’s unique position in the market staking its claim in data.
  • How Perry helped to lead and grow Recon Dynamics, an early IoT company that is still around today.
  • New technologies that excite Perry including eSIM technology.
  • Important leadership lessons and advice.

In this episode, we welcome Dave Haight and Kyle Pickens from Globalstar to the show!

Dave is the Vice President of IoT at Globalstar and joined the company after his success developing the IoT business at AT&T as well as other companies, and Kyle serves as the Vice President of Strategy and Communications at Globalstar.

Globalstar is one of the leaders in satellite technology connecting users in areas where traditional networks are either unreliable or unavailable. For anyone out there who’s looking to learn more about satellite communications and who’s interested in what the future of satellite will look like, this show is for you.

In this episode, we we welcome Jerome Riordan to our show!

Jerome is the Vice President of Business Development and Sales, at Tri Cascade where he is helping to build a cleaner and greener connected world. Tri Cascade designs the latest Machine to Machine and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for smart Home automation Management.

Tri Cascade, Inc. is based in Irvine, California with design and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan.

The connected IoT market has accelerated substantially since the start of the decade, and the world is on track to spend $1.1 trillion (USD) on various IoT tech by 2023. However, keeping up to date on current technology that is driving the IoT revolution can be challenging in an ever-evolving world with constant innovation. IoT Connect was launched to connect and inform likeminded pioneers who are passionate about the IoT industry. 

Tune in and hear from top industry influencers on how technological innovation is benefiting and empowering businesses across many verticals.IoT Connect will get up-close and personal with some of today’s brightest IoT industry leaders, representing a wide range of businesses in connectivity, 5G, private LTE, healthcare, robotics, oil and gas, manufacturing, shipping, fleets, mobility, agriculture, retail, and others.  

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