TEAL Managed Private LTE For Operators

TEAL Managed Private LTE for Operators: TEAL’s eSIM platform gives Private Network Operators an unparalleled ability to manage subscribers remotely while seamlessly switching between Private and Public networks.

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Remote Subscriber Management

Change broadcast PLMNs, network types, IMSIs, and add IMS services without physically replacing the subscriber. The Teal platform creates the flexibility for you to manage connectivity and evolve with new technologies including 5G, LTE-M and NB-IOT. Teal’s eSIM is designed to evolve as your network changes over the next 15-20 years.

Designed for Any Private Network

Teal’s proprietary eSIM technology changes the standard for how devices get connected within private networks. Unlike alternatives, Teal’s eSIM is compatible with any private network type and our first-of-its-kind feature-set makes enhanced security a top priority.

Seamless Failover Connectivity

Ensure your devices always stay connected. Failover connectivity allows users to switch to public networks, acting as an insurance policy for your private network deployment.

Reliable Public Network Connectivity

We make it easy for devices to connect outside of your private network. With Teal’s eSIM, your subscribers can access your network as well as a global marketplace of public networks. Regardless of model or market, the Teal platform enables customers to reach 2,000+ networks globally.