How TEAL’s eSIM Platform is Different and Better than a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

Leading companies across the globe face similar connectivity challenges. Find out why TEAL is the best connectivity solution for any IoT deployment.

TEAL Overcomes Common Connectivity Challenges

Companies everywhere share common pain points with MNO and MVNOs:

  • No Redundancy, Single Point of Failure

  • Poor Availability & Roaming Restrictions

  • Time and Money Lost, Managing Multiple Vendors and Contracts

  • Concerns About 3G Network Sunsets, 5G Upgrades, and Network Outages

  • Locked Into Networks

A single point of failure is a major risk that most businesses don’t often appreciate until they’re faced with a network outage, or network sunset due to network upgrades. Find out why TEAL’s eSIM platform is the best solution for any IoT deployment. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Futureproof your IoT deployments and order your eSIMs today!

Build Faster with TEAL

TEAL offers more flexible and affordable pricing than an MVNO because we are not a network operator. We put businesses in control by giving our customers the freedom to choose which networks their IoT devices connect to. Teal’s platform has the capability to dynamically switch between carriers making it easier to make changes, giving you more redundancy, and ensuring that your IoT devices always have connectivity.


  • Teal gives you direct access to multiple MVNOs and MNOs.
  • With Teal you can easily switch to another carrier or MVNO if there’s an outage.
  • Protect against sunsets and upgrades.