By Published On: May 7, 2024

Pioneering the Future of IoT: Join TEAL at the IoT Tech Expo North America

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to be a transformative force in how we interact with technology, devices, and even each other. As we stand on the brink of new advancements, the need for more innovative and efficient connectivity solutions has never been more apparent. It’s this exact frontier of technology that TEAL is pioneering, and we’re excited to share our latest developments with you at the upcoming IoT Tech Expo North America.

Where Innovation Meets Opportunity: The IoT Tech Expo

Set to be one of this year’s most influential technology events, the IoT Tech Expo promises to be a melting pot of innovation, ideas, and opportunities. This premier event will bring together key industries from across the globe for two days of top-level networking, keynotes, panel discussions and the opportunity to discover the latest IoT innovations. TEAL invites attendees to visit booth number 272, to learn about the benefits of our cutting-edge eSIM platform designed to give businesses control when it comes to connecting any IoT device onto any global network on-demand.

TEAL is thrilled to be part of this transformative event, and we look forward to sharing how our latest advancements in IoT connectivity are setting the standard for IoT solutions across various industries.

An Insightful Glimpse Into the Future with TEAL’s CEO

Highlighting our participation, TEAL’s CEO, Robert Hamblet will take the stage for a keynote presentation that is bound to captivate and enlighten. Mark your calendars for the 6th of June, from 14:00 to 14:20, and join us for a session that promises to be as informative as it is inspiring.

Connectivity and Analytics: Shaping and Connecting the World of Tomorrow

Under the conference track “Connectivity & Analytics in IoT,” our CEO will delve into the topic of “What’s next for Cellular IoT.” This presentation will not only outline the trajectory of cellular IoT but also shed light on the pivotal role it plays in the ecosystem of connected devices. Don’t miss this presentation taking place on June 6th at 13:55 – 14:15 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Unveiling the Future of High-Data IoT Use Cases

At the heart of the discussion will be the exploration of high-data IoT use cases, emphasizing why traditional roaming solutions fall short and why eSIM technology represents the only viable connectivity option for mission-critical devices. This segment promises to be an eye-opener on the limitations of current standards and the endless possibilities that eSIM technology ushers in for future applications.

The Critical Role of Native Connectivity

Further enhancing the narrative, the importance of native profiles will be a key focus. In a world where seamless connectivity and security are paramount, understanding the significance of native profiles in enhancing the functionality and reliability of IoT devices is crucial. This discussion will offer valuable insights into how native profiles are redefining the boundaries of device connectivity.

The Emergence of Mobile Edge Compute Services and Satellite-direct to Cellular

Rounding off the presentation, there will be a forward-looking analysis of Mobile Edge Compute Services and the emerging trend of Satellite-direct to cellular connectivity. This segment aims to provide a glimpse into the future, where connectivity is ubiquitous, and limitations are a thing of the past.

Meet Us in Santa Clara: Book Your Meeting with a TEAL Expert

The IoT Tech Expo is not just an opportunity to learn about the latest trends and innovations; it’s also a chance to engage directly with experts who are shaping the future of IoT connectivity. We invite you to book a meeting with a TEAL expert during the expo. Whether you have specific questions, need guidance on connectivity solutions, or simply want to learn more about what TEAL can do for you, our team is ready and eager to assist.


At TEAL, our mission is to empower businesses and developers to unlock the full potential of their IoT applications. With our advanced eSIM technology and comprehensive connectivity platform, we’re not just a service provider; we’re your partner in innovation. By choosing TEAL, you’re not only getting the best in connectivity solutions; you’re also joining a community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in IoT.

The IoT Tech Expo North America is set to be a landmark event, and TEAL is at the forefront, leading the charge towards a more connected, efficient, and innovative future. From our CEO’s keynote presentation to our interactive booth, we’re bringing the future of IoT connectivity to you. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with the best in the industry, discover groundbreaking technologies, and take your IoT projects to the next level.

Join us at booth 272, and let’s explore the infinite possibilities of IoT together. Remember, the future of IoT connectivity begins with TEAL.

Book your meeting with a TEAL expert today and take the first step towards redefining what’s possible.

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