By Published On: April 5, 2021

Benefits of eSIM for Mobility & Transportation Solutions

From a business perspective, mobility solutions have always had unique connectivity requirements. In many, if not all, cases these devices have been forced to utilize single-network agreements that only allow users to connect to one wide-area wireless network. However, the unique capabilities of eSIM gives the needed flexibility to dynamically and automatically ensure these devices are always connected to virtually any cellular network, regardless of if they’re traveling across a city, across the country, or across borders.

For example, in the connected car space, eSIM can solve numerous problems for a manufacturer and owner that wants to keep a car connected regardless of where the car is being shipped or where the car travels to once it is delivered.

Prior to eSIM, a manufacturer would have to know specifics about where a car was being shipped after it came off of the production line in order to install the correct SIM into the vehicle. For example, if the car was being shipped in the US, the manufacturer would need an existing relationship with a Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and would only be able to install a single-network SIM. If it was being shipped to, say, the UK, it would require an entirely different relationship with a UK MNO if it wanted to ensure the car connected to a local UK network.

eSIM – and specifically Teal’s eSIM – completely solves this problem. Now, a manufacturer can install a single eSIM without knowing, or caring, where the car is being shipped because Teal’s solution makes it possible for the vehicle to connect automatically and download a local network profile to the device over-the-air (OTA).

A “Network of Networks”

Teal’s next-generation eSIM technology and platform creates a “Network of Networks” that is intelligent, secure, scalable, and global making Teal’s platform ideally suited for the transportation and mobility industry.

Teal’s solution starts with OneChip, a cloud-based, dynamic, and programmable eSIM, with the capability to install over 2,000 networks in 196 countries, delivered through a single enterprise platform.

Teal automatically switches between public & private networks and is programmable, giving customers complete control to automate connectivity based on price, coverage maps, and network quality.

What Makes TEAL’s eSIM Platform Different?

Teal’s powerful single enterprise platform includes features such as –

  • Seamless network switching

  • Ability to monitor real-time device status

  • Track data consumption

  • Customized notifications

  • Manage multiple billing types in a single device

  • Access CDR data records and much more.

Ensuring a device is always-on is especially important for the transportation and mobility industry. Important data around a device’s location, telematics, infotainment, and emergency services are essential in a connected world. Single-SIM or soft-SIM solutions do not solve the unique challenges of deploying connected vehicles that travel across cities, countries, and borders.

However, through Teal’s eSIM platform, a vehicle can dynamically switch to the next best network OTA, virtually never losing its signal and always staying connected to wide-area wireless networks. The adoption of 5G and rollout of autonomous vehicles will make it even more important for vehicles to remain “always-connected”. But more on that in a future article…

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