By Published On: December 29, 2023

Congratulations to TEAL’s Quarterly Employee Award Winners!

At TEAL, we take pride in our team and the hard work that they do. To recognize the amazing accomplishments of our staff, each quarter we give out awards to employees who have gone above and beyond for our company. We are proud to announce this quarter’s award winners who have been selected for their dedication to their work.

**The Pioneer Award – Presented to Emannuel Keeya, Software Developer**

This award is for team members who have an entrepreneurial spirit. Emannuel is independent and efficient. He is a pro-active problem solver, always outperforming expectations. Emannuel is a self-motivated, driven, independent worker who outperforms expectations.

**The Jedi Award – Presented to Kami Kaur, HR Manager**

The Jedi Award is for team members who demonstrate outstanding leadership skills. Kami is always fair and always there for Team TEAL! She is Proactive about solving problems, building connections, and working with people. Kami’s leadership qualities bring everyone together.

**To the Moon and Back Award – Presented to Brad Unruh, IoT Account Executive**

Teal’s “To The Moon and Back Award” is for someone who goes above and beyond for our customers’ needs. Brad is passionate about client success and exemplifies the qualities of our ideal team player.

**The People’s Choice Award – Presented to Alissa Veenstra, Head of Customer Success**

This award recognizes team members who are committed to collaboration and teamwork. Alissa is consistently making a positive impact at TEAL and goes above and beyond for her teammates. Alissa has demonstrated her ability to work effectively and cross-functionally within the organization.

Congratulations to Emannuel Keeya, Kami Kaur, Brad Unruh, and Alissa Veenstra!

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