By Published On: February 27, 2024

Global eSIM Provisioning CORE Report Names TEAL as a Challenger in eSIM Provisioning

The latest ranking in the Global eSIM Provisioning CORE (Competitive, Ranking, and Evaluation) report names TEAL as a Challenger in eSIM Provisioning according to the 2023 edition of Global eSIM Landscape report.

Exciting News! The latest ranking, in the Global eSIM Provisioning CORE (COmpetitive, Ranking, and Evaluation) report, names TEAL as a Challenger in eSIM Provisioning according to the 2023 edition of Counterpoint’s Global eSIM Landscape report.

Eastcompeace, 10T Tech, Nordic, Nokia, Teal, Invigo and 1oT have emerged as ‘Challengers’ with very capable platforms with growing market presence. TEAL stands out as one of the newer entrants, showing good promise with their focused IoT approach.  “Over time, players in the Challenger category are likely to move up to the Leaders quadrant” said, Mohit Agarwal, Associate Director at Counterpoint.

Counterpoint Research’s Global eSIM Landscape report is the most comprehensive report involving all the leading players in the eSIM ecosystem with multiple interviews and research spanning more than three months.

Check out the latest from Counterpoint Technology Market Research; strengthening TEAL’s position in the global #eSIM space.  Read more in this recent Press Release:

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