By Published On: December 7, 2023

How eSIM Technology Is Improving the Functionality of EV Charging Stations

Did you know that nearly 25% of EV charging stations don’t work?

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been increasingly popular in recent years as more people become environmentally conscious and seek green alternatives. With the increasing number of EVs on the road, the need for reliable charging stations has become more important than ever before. However, a recent survey from a team at the University of California, Berkeley and nonprofit Cool the Earth found that more than 25% of public charging stations were not functioning. A J.D. Power report this past May also quantified the problem: “Through the end of Q1 2023, 20.8 percent of EV drivers using public charging stations experienced charging failures or equipment malfunctions that left them unable to charge their vehicles. A survey of 1,290 electric-car drivers by a California government agency found that 44% of owners saw operability or payment issues as barriers to charging. These problems generate the need for something that can improve the functionality of EV charging stations. Why do so many EV chargers not work? One factor that is contributing to this is lack of reliable cellular connectivity. This is where eSIM technology comes into play. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how eSIM technology can help EV charging stations overcome these operability challenges, put consumer concerns such as “range anxiety” to rest, and help to accelerate the transition to EVs.

eSIM Technology is Helping to Solve the EV Revolution’s Next Big Roadblock: Access to Chargers that Work!

How eSIM Can Ensure Always On Connectivity for EV Chargers, Anywhere:

EV charging stations need to be reliably connected for a number of reasons. EV charging stations must be able to process payments, they need to collect and transmit energy usage data, they have to be able to send notifications when they are not functioning, and EV drivers need to be able to locate these chargers and have the peace of mind that they are functioning. One of the reasons that EV chargers fail is due to unreliable cellular connections that many of them rely on. However, eSIM technology can ensure always-on connectivity for EV chargers through its multi-carrier network capabilities. eSIM provides the reliability and redundancy needed for a robust and scalable charging network. With eSIM technology, charging station operators can switch between different networks whenever needed, ensuring that there is always a backup solution in case of network downtime or connectivity issues. This way, EV owners who need to get their cars charged can do so without facing network connectivity issues.

How to Save Money with eSIM and Gain the Flexibility and Control to Dynamically Switch Between Data Networks Over-The-Air (OTA):

With TEAL there is no need to pay expensive roaming fees or to deal with MVNOs that are selling off a carrier’s rate card. With eSIM, there is no need to perform cellular site surveys to determine which network is best at a given installation location. Enterprises can ship their chargers anywhere in the world and program them onto any network at the click of a button. With the use of eSIM technology, businesses have the flexibility to switch between different network providers without the complexities of managing multiple connectivity vendors. eSIM also eliminates the need to physical touch or swap SIM cards. Having a programmable eSIM saves a lot of time and helps in making the process of switching between networks more efficient. Moreover, businesses can also reduce their operational costs by getting access to any network globally via one eSIM SKU and only one contract that they need to manage. Not to mention the cost savings associated with eliminating expensive roaming fees, as true eSIM technology from TEAL enables native core connectivity onto America’s three tier-1 carriers as well as providing access to connect onto 3500+ data networks worldwide.

Why True eSIM Provides the Highest Level of Performance for EV Charging Stations:

The performance of EV charging stations is an essential factor in ensuring that customers can depend on them to charge their vehicles. True eSIM technology provides the highest level of performance for level 2 and 3 charging stations that need to remain reliably connected. This is because true eSIM technology provides uninterrupted connectivity even when there is a network failure on one carrier, which leads to a much-improved customer experience. This reliability can help accelerate the adoption of EVs by eliminating “range anxiety, increase customer satisfaction levels for existing EV drivers, and will be a critical component to scaling the rollout of EV charging stations across America as well as in other countries.

eSIM technology is the future of communication infrastructure, and it has the potential to revolutionize the EV charging station industry and address many of the challenges that are currently limiting the availability and use of chargers. EV charging station providers who adopt eSIM technology can improve their operational efficiency, cut costs, and improve their reputation in a growing and competitive market.

Without a doubt, wholly owned eSIM technology from TEAL gives businesses the most reliable connectivity for EV charging stations. This is because TEAL has more network operator agreements than any other connectivity provider and is the only platform that can give your business native core connectivity onto T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon (without roaming). Businesses can enjoy flexibility, control, and cost efficiency through eSIM. Furthermore, by using true eSIM, businesses can offer the highest level of performance to their customers, thereby avoiding operability issues that might negatively affect their image in the market. As we move towards a more sustainable future, eSIM technology is an essential tool that EV charging station providers need to consider investing in.

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