By Published On: March 4, 2020

Intelligent IoT Connectivity Platform Enables Mobility-as-a-Service

Canoo set out to build an innovative, autonomous, self-driving vehicle designed for city living. However, to advance a driverless solution, Canoo needed to get telematics and application data off of their devices and into the cloud where it could be stored, processed, and analyzed. The company wanted to work with a single connectivity provider that could intelligently, securely, and affordably connect its beta fleet. Teal’s global connectivity solution for IoT enabled Canoo to seamlessly and reliably connect its beta vehicles across multiple operators, helping advance the future of autonomous mobility. Amazon Web Services played a key role in this solution because not only was the automotive data transmitted to an AWS application instance managed by Canoo, but the eSIM subscriber management logic behind the Teal platform is built on Amazon ECS. Without building the Teal platform with AWS ECS, Teal would not be able to create a truly flexible carrier agnostic cellular connectivity platform and would have had to rely on carrier infrastructure for subscriber management.

Teal is excited to continue supporting companies like Canoo to scale their efforts to disrupt the Mobility-as-a-Service space and bring the automotive industry into the Internet-enabled future!



Teal is a fast-growing Intelligent Connectivity Platform and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner that works to end roaming and empowers any device to get connected on any network around the world intelligently, securely, and affordably. Teal’s standard or embedded eSIM is compatible with any device and connectivity is Managed-as-a-Service through a powerful enterprise platform. Customers can easily connect and scale their devices in virtually any market around the world, while seamlessly provisioning to new cellular technologies such as 5G, NB-IoT, and LTE-M.

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