By Published On: November 1, 2023

MWC Las Vegas Keynote: Assessing the eSIM Supplier Choices

You Can Have Your eSIM and Eat It Too! 🍰

Curious About the Different Types of eSIM Solutions?

Check out our CEO, Robert Hamblet’s, keynote from MWC Las Vegas and learn about the distinctions between MNO eSIM, MVNO eSIM and eSIM from SIM providers. Discover why TEAL is uniquely different and how your business can benefit from the freedom and flexibility of true eSIM technology. But first, what is eSIM technology?

eSIM is a revolutionary technology for global connectivity. eSIMs come in multiple form factors and are similar to a traditional SIM, as eSIMs can be a physical, insertable chip (2FF/3FF/4FF). However, unlike traditional SIMs, eSIMs can also be soldered onto the motherboard of a device (MFF2). Companies like, Teal offer both plastic eSIM cards (like your standard SIM form factor) and embedded eSIMs that are compatible with any IoT device. This means that users can connect their devices onto any carrier network without having to physically swap out their SIM cards; all they need is access to an available network and the activation process simple. This makes connecting devices directly onto the right networks easier than ever before.

The beauty of eSIM technology lies in its flexibility and reliability. With eSIM, devices can automatically switch between networks, ensuring optimal connectivity at all times. But with so many providers of eSIM, how do you know which solution is best suited for your business?

Assessing the eSIM Supplier Choices

The GSMA recently published an eSIM Buyer’s Guide for Enterprise that is a valuable resource for any business that is evaluating eSIM technology. Find out what factors your business needs to consider when selecting an eSIM solution with this free guide.

Watch the video above or click here to learn more about the various eSIM solutions available to your business.

Teal continues to innovate and adapt to market demands, providing businesses with the tools they need to stay ahead. Contact us today and find out how you can experience the unique benefits of our patented, GSMA certified eSIM technology.

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