By Published On: April 29, 2021

Quickly Go-to-Market with an eSIM Compatible PTCRB-Certified Module

What does PTCRB-Certified Stand For & Why is it Important?

PTCRB stands for PCS Type Certification Review Board. It is a type of certification put in place by North American mobile operators to test all mobile phones, IoT devices and M2M devices operating on mobile networks. In other words, it defines the test requirements to verify compliance with global industry standards for wireless cellular devices.

Most, if not all, mobile operators in North America are very hands-on when it comes to deploying new devices onto their networks. In fact, most won’t accept a new device onto their network if it is not PTCRB certified – period, end of story.

With that said, it is clear that devices that are PTCRB certified give mobile operators the confidence they need, knowing that they comply with cellular networks within a PTCRB operators’ networks.

What This Means for Operators & Device Manufacturers

From a device manufacturer and mobile operator standpoint, it is important to ensure devices are PTCRB-certified to verify compliance with cellular network standards. If they are not certified, device manufacturers in particular will not be able to interoperate with most North American mobile carriers. Key Takeaway? PTCRB-Certification is essential for mobile operators and device manufacturers.

Go-To-Market Quickly with TEAL

Teal’s eSIM solution is compatible with almost all PTCRB-Certified modules on the market. Teal’s customers use many of the industry leading cellular IoT module vendors, including Quectel, Sierra Wireless, Thales and Telit. Teal is happy to recommend specific modules to meet your solution requirements.

According to Berg Insight, most operators also have their own extensive certification processes, where device makers have to complete hands-on certifications with numerous individual operators when shipping to multiple geographical markets. However, with Teal, there is no overbearing in-house testing when using a PTCRB-Certified module.

Since Teal does not require the same level of hands-on and time-consuming end-device testing for PTCRB-Certified modules, device makers and device operators can begin deploying the eSIMs fast, allowing them to go-to-market quickly and scale globally.

Teal’s solution starts with OneChip, a cloud-based, dynamic and OTA programmable eSIM, with the capability to prioritize networks, and is compatible with any IoT device, with thousands of carrier profiles, all delivered through a single enterprise platform.

In the United States specifically, Teal customers can connect to all three major carriers for $0.01/MB, without extensive testing for PTCRB-Certified modules. Teal’s solution is also scalable and evolves with new technologies such as 5G, LTE-M and NB-IoT.

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