By Published On: June 17, 2020

T-Mobile Outage Reinforces Need for Intelligent eSIM

It’s an IoT device operators’ worst nightmare: suddenly losing connectivity and being unable to transmit crucial data between a smart device and the cloud. For many, this nightmare became a reality early in the week as T-Mobile’s network experienced voice and data outages across the United States.

T-Mobile outages on Monday afternoon. Down Detector.

The outages stress the risks associated with relying on a single Mobile Network Operator (MNO) for connectivity and reinforce the need for an intelligent eSIM solution that gives device operators control over which networks they get connected on. Imagine the following scenarios:

Scenario #1: Device operator relies on a single MNO for connectivity. The MNO’s network experiences outages and/or performance issues. The device operator is locked into connectivity provider and is unable to get crucial information from their devices to the cloud, losing data and ability to operate devices.

Scenario #2: Device operator relies on intelligent eSIM solution for connectivity. Devices are connected through an MNO’s network that experiences outages and/or performance issues. The eSIM intelligently switches to more optimal network, so devices continue to transmit crucial information to the cloud with no service interruption.

If your IoT devices were impacted by T-Mobile’s network outage earlier this week, you undoubtedly understand the importance of reliable connectivity and the risks associated with relying on a single network provider. With Teal’s intelligent network switching, our customers were able to seamlessly stay connected during this time. To learn more about how Teal’s intelligent eSIM platform enables customers to always stay connected on over 2,000 networks around the world, please visit or reach out to

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