By Published On: January 27, 2022

TEAL Announces Commercial Availability of Consumer eSIM for Private LTE & 5G Networks

SEATTLE, WA — Teal Communications is pleased to announce the commercial availability of its Consumer eSIM for Private LTE & 5G networks. Teal’s patented SM-DP+ technology is the first solution to market offering a Credentialing-as-a-Service (CaaS) model, empowering enterprises and network operators at any scale to unlock the full value of touchless network enrollment on eSIM-enabled consumer devices, including smartphones, wearables, laptops, and tablets.

Utilizing Teal’s technology, consumer devices equipped with eSIMs can now digitally access private networks over-the-air (OTA) in a broad range of venues – including office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, airports, schools, hospitals, sports arenas, conference centers, theme parks, shopping centers, government sites, and military bases – without replacing a physical SIM card within a device. The solution works with both CBRS or other licensed/unlicensed spectrum.

Coupled with a flexible subscription-based pricing model, Teal’s offering provides a turn-key solution that empowers system integrators and operators to build enterprise-grade Private LTE & 5G networks at scale. By deeply understanding some of the industry’s deepest pain points and market needs, Teal’s highly differentiated solution focuses on user-experience, scalability, time-to-value, and cost effectiveness.

“Previously, high upfront costs and MOQs (minimum order quantity), custom network-profile development, diverse requirements for data and voice services, support for broadband & narrowband use cases and private-to-public network roaming, and pressing time-to-value have limited the widespread adoption of traditional private network offerings. Teal’s solution solves these pain points and unlocks new capabilities for an industry that’s poised for hyper-scale growth.” – Jin Liu, VP of Global Network Alliances at Teal Communications

Teal’s digital eSIM offering is the latest addition to Teal’s suite of services for IoT, M2M, Public and Private Network operators. Teal is a proud member of the OnGo Alliance, The Linux Foundation Edge, and Magma Core Foundation, which work to promote the advancement and adoption of open and flexible multi-operator mobile networks.

Sales Contact

Jin Liu, VP of Global Network Alliances

Teal Communications, Inc.


Media Contact

Michael Johnston, Chief Business Officer

Teal Communications, Inc.

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