By Published On: May 8, 2020

TEAL Releases MQTT Broker to Intelligently Route Data Between IoT Devices and the Cloud

BELLEVUE, Wash., May 7, 2020 (Originally appeared on – Teal Communications is pleased to announce the launch of its Meerkat MQTT Broker, an innovative product that allows customers to intelligently route data from IoT devices to public cloud providers. Teal’s MQTT Broker is a virtual private gateway service that upscales, encrypts, and secures data packet traffic from HTTP/TCP/UDP to MQTT without draining battery life or adding hardware costs for IoT devices.

Teal’s Meerkat MQTT Broker is the first in a suite of Meerkat gateway products that the company is launching to enable frictionless connectivity tunnels between IoT devices and leading cloud providers. While connecting IoT devices to cloud application instances usually requires a local relay or the installation of a device-side SDK, Teal’s Meerkat gateway products enable device operators to transmit data directly to leading cloud providers, removing the need to store encryption details on devices and allowing access to the cloud with minimal setup or in-field maintenance. Teal’s Meerkat MQTT Broker accomplishes this by allowing for the use of lighter HTTP, TCP, and UDP protocols, and automatically converting to the secure MQTT protocol. This reduces total power and bandwidth requirements and moves more secure processing into the cloud.

The Meerkat MQTT Broker service is ideal for M2M IoT devices, including devices operating on NB-IOT or CAT-M networks where packet size restrictions are particularly troublesome for device operators. Teal’s MQTT Broker is now available as a free service for users on Teal’s eSIM Connectivity Platform or at a nominal fee for external devices currently utilizing another connectivity solution.

Teal’s Meerkat MQTT Broker currently supports a cloud integration with Amazon’s AWS IoT Core, with additional cloud providers supported in the coming weeks.

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