By Published On: June 1, 2020

The Best IoT SIM Card

Teal is the first SIM solution to offer a truly intelligent platform that enables IoT devices to connect securely and reliably on over 2,000 networks around the world through a single eSIM card. With Teal’s eSIM tech, customers can automate connectivity based on variables such as price, coverage maps, and network quality, enabling an unparalleled ability for devices owners to control what networks they get connected on. Additionally, since network vulnerabilities related to phone numbers & SMS are a serious threat to IoT security, Teal’s patented technology eliminates these vulnerabilities. Combined with custom VPNs, Teal’s industry-first network is built from the ground up as the most secure connectivity solution in the market.

Here are some more reasons why Teal’s eSIM is the best SIM card for IoT in the world:

Teal works anywhere in the world. With over 2,000 cellular networks in 196 countries, Teal’s platform enables IoT devices to connect reliably in virtually any location in the world.

Teal works with any IoT device.Teal’s eSIM works anywhere in the world and is available in all sizes: mini (2FF), micro (3FF), nano (4FF), and SIM-On-Chip (MFF2 embedded).

Teal’s solution is future-proof.
Teal’s platform is built to evolve with new technologies including 5G, LTE-M and NB-IOT and can remotely switch networks or technologies. Once Teal’s eSIM is in a device, it can stay in that device for 15-20+ years lifecycle with no physical maintenance, even as devices move globally.

Teal’s solution leverages multiple core networks.
Teal’s eSIM platform leverages multiple core networks to mitigate risk for IoT operators – eliminating pricing volatility and making network failures a thing of the past.

Teal’s solution offers APIs for custom integrations.

All control and management functions are available via APIs.

Teal’s solution offers APIs for Teal’s solution offers unparalleled SIM management.
Manage your SIM card traffic through a comprehensive web platform with one portal and one invoice for all your devices. Set limits for usage and personalized alerts when certain thresholds are reached. Any activity on your device can be configured, customized, and monitored.

Teal’s solution is completely transparent.
Manage consumption in real time and on a global scale by downloading CDRs and having complete visibility into pricing so there are no surprises.

Teal’s solution is the most secure in the industry.
Our patented eSIM technology eliminates unsecured legacy vulnerabilities and enables encrypted end-to-end connections, revolutionizing the way the IoT industry connects. Customers can also connect devices to your private company network and VPN.

To learn more about why Teal’s IoT eSIM card is the best in the world, please visit www.tealcom.ioor reach out to

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