By Published On: April 19, 2021

The Intersection of AI, IoT, and Connectivity

We’re in a new technological world where the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to transform business practices. These technologies will be “must-haves” for many, if not all, businesses across various industries. As the market continues to mature and new use cases arise, businesses need to embrace and utilize these technologies to stay competitive within a rapidly changing world.

As more IoT devices connect to the internet, data coming from these devices are key to solving problems, improving processes, and helping inform business decisions. Artificial Intelligence will play an increasingly important role in this equation as it evolves and matures, taking valuable data and making sense of it to deliver real-time outcomes. Adding machine learning into the mix, continuous learning will drive the improvement of processes and choices that are computed at the edge.

An expanding number of IoT use cases that leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will require an intelligent connectivity solution that automatically connects devices to a myriad of networking technologies, including public cellular networks, private cellular networks, satellite networks, LoRA networks, and more.

Unfortunately, these various connectivity needs are quickly outgrowing conventional Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), soft-SIM solutions, and “fake eSIMs” that lack the ability to dynamically change between cellular operators and/or network technologies. Luckily, Teal has developed a next generation eSIM platform that solves this problem.

Teal does this by bridging the gap between IoT and AI as the only cloud-based, AI-driven connectivity platform. Unlike other SIM and eSIM platforms in the market, Teal automatically switches between public and private networks, ending roaming and empowering any device to connect to any operator or network technology around the world. Teal’s solution is programmable and gives customers complete control of automating connectivity based on type of network, coverage maps, and network quality.

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