By Published On: March 8, 2023

What Are Hybrid Networks and Why Are They Necessary for IoT Success?

Hybrid networks are the combination of different network technologies, providing comprehensive coverage for any environment worldwide. Let’s take a closer look at what hybrid networks are and why they’re necessary for efficient IoT systems.

What is a Hybrid Network?

A hybrid network combines two or more different network technologies, such as cellular, satellite, and LoRaWAN. These types of networks allow users to access data from multiple sources to support their applications efficiently. They also offer redundancy in case one type of network fails due to poor signal quality or other issues. Furthermore, hybrid networks can increase the speed and reliability of data transmission since each type of network is able to provide its own unique benefits. For example, a marine vessel might take advantage of cellular network coverage near shore but will utilize satellite networks at sea for a more reliable connection.

Why Hybrid Networks Are Necessary for IoT Success

Hybrid networks offer many advantages when it comes to deploying an IoT system that will be successful in any location, allowing users to leverage the network technology that best suits their needs. By combining two or more different types of networking technologies into a single network system, users can benefit from increased coverage areas, redundancy, improved speed and reliability, cost savings from not having to purchase multiple pieces of hardware separately, as well as enhanced security features that ensure data privacy even over long distances. Find out how eSIM technology supports hybrid networks by enabling programmable access to global carriers and network technologies. Discover how Teal is putting an end to expensive roaming fees by helping our customers become both carrier and technology agnostic. Contact a Teal IoT expert today!

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