By Published On: August 23, 2021

Why Enhanced Security for 5G & IoT is More Important Than Ever

Needless to say, the convergence of IoT and 5G is a game-changer for a myriad of reasons. The proliferation of IoT devices, combined with the rollout of 5G networks, creates a whole set of new opportunities and possibilities for edge technologies.

5G’s lightning-fast connection and low-latency are needed advancements for intelligent automation in the digital future. Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), driverless cars, digital reality, and blockchain will all benefit from this convergence.

However, this intersection brings to light new security requirements for M2M technologies. Although there have been gradual advancements in IoT security, most connected machines and devices have been built with security as a second thought, where bare minimum standards are “good enough”. It is truly a wonder that massive scale is projected on eSIM platforms on the backs of trust-based networks and applications that authenticate without hardware security. Given the ever-increasing importance of data security in today’s world, providing additional layers of device and network level security is paramount – especially for critical applications such as government, defense, and healthcare.

To this end, Teal developed an in-house SM-SR/SM-DP eUICC platform that is fully GSMA compliant and designed to remove traditional security vulnerabilities present in other platforms. However, we took it a step further by integrating best-in-class device and networking security offerings, including:

  • Cryptographic Certificates in every eUICC: With Teal CloudKey, device operators can load certificates from your own private chain into the eUICC production process. These can be used to bring hardware-level security to your IoT application and keep the initial TLS key exchange off the internet.

  • Private IPSEC VPN: Teal’s Meerkat VPN tunnel routes application data direct from the Carrier PGW to your internal application. This direct-to-doorstep functionality is extremely easy to integrate and is ideal for sensitive government, health, or financial data. Additional features include customizable access control list, custom DNS, and static public or private IP addressing. Meerkat also brokers the use of lighter HTTP, TCP, and UDP protocols, automatically converting to secure protocols and reducing total power and bandwidth requirements.

Beyond these security offerings, Teal’s networking technology is built using patented transmission protocols that eliminate poor security infrastructure and legacy, trust-based vulnerabilities. To learn more Teal’s industry-leading security offerings, please visit or call 425-523-8976 to speak with a Sales Representative.

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