By Published On: December 12, 2023

Why eSIM Technology is the Best Choice for EV Charging Stations – Overcoming 4 Pressing Connectivity Challenges

By 2030, the EV market is expected to capture 40% of new vehicle sales, leading to approximately 28.3 million EVs on the road, according to S&P Global Mobility forecasts. As the demand for EVs grows, so does the need for reliable connectivity to support the increasing number of charging stations. Currently, there are approximately 16,822 Tesla Superchargers, 126,500 Level 2 chargers, and 20,431 Level 3 chargers in the United States. In 2022 alone, 54,000 Level 2 chargers and 10,000 Level 3 chargers were added.

However, one major issue persists – a significant percentage of networked EV charging stations are non-functional. A recent report by J.D. Power revealed that 20.8% of EV drivers encountered charging failures or equipment malfunctions, rendering them unable to charge their vehicles The main culprit behind these problems is the lack of reliable cellular connectivity. That’s where eSIM technology comes in. eSIM technology is quickly becoming the go-to connectivity solution for EV infrastructure.

Let’s explore the top 4 connectivity challenges that eSIM addresses:

  1. Seamless network connectivity – With eSIM, installation is faster and simpler as it enables chargers to connect to any data network worldwide without expensive site surveys. No need for expensive cellular site surveys or multiple SIM cards. No matter where your charging stations are located, eSIM allows businesses to connect to the best networks effortlessly over-the-air (OTA). TEAL has more network operator agreements in place than any other connectivity provider, ensuring that your chargers are always connected, anywhere they are installed.
  2. Enhanced performance and cost savings – A survey of electric car drivers revealed that 44% experienced operability or payment issues when charging their vehicles. This is an unacceptable failure rate for any point of sale (POS) solution. True eSIM technology overcomes performance challenges by enabling native core connectivity, eliminating roaming, and ensuring reliability. Only TEAL can provide native core connectivity onto America’s three tier-1 networks (AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon) without roaming. By using TEAL’s eSIM, businesses can save money, improve performance, and connect their EV chargers onto over 3500 data networks worldwide.
  3. Flexibility and control to switch between networks – eSIM ensures redundancy and reliability by providing the ability to dynamically switch between networks at the click of a button. This guarantees constant connectivity for EV charging stations, regardless of their deployment location, removing the need for SIM card swapping or “truck rolls”.
  4. Simplified contract management – eSIM technology allows access to multiple networks via a single eSIM, eliminating the complexities of managing contracts with different connectivity providers. With just one contract and one eSIM SKU, businesses can streamline their operations and get access to connect onto the best networks for any deployment.

Take the first step and order your TEAL programmable eSIMs and gain the freedom to connect your compatible EV charging stations onto any network over the air.

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