By Published On: June 8, 2022

Why TEAL is Not at MVNOs World Congress

Why won’t you see Teal in Berlin this week for MVNOs World Congress? Simply put because Teal is an eSIM platform, not an MVNO. 

Many have the misconception that every company that offers connectivity without defining themselves as a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) is an MVNO.  

But that’s not the case and here’s why. 

An MVNO is a network provider that rents airtime (radio network) from the MNOs but adds a virtual data network for the actual throughput. Connections to this network first go through an MNO tower, then an MVNO datacenter. Many MVNOs claim that they are connectivity platforms, but because they are renting their platform, it means that you’re stuck with a static, limited solution and any changes are reliant on a 3rd party. With Teal’s patented and wholly-owned eSIM platform, IoT companies can develop features and functionality without 3rd party reliance, which translates into faster go-to-market capabilities. 

An MVNO still operates a virtual network.  They still operate datacenters and provide a rough copy of the data architecture of the original MNO network.  At first, they look easy to join and may even seem cost effective, but then they fall short when roaming agreements are suddenly blocked or when they experience higher latency due to reduced datacenter capacity. 

MVNOs will assert that they offer carrier-switching, but the reality is that they only switch you between towers while datacenters remain the same. In many cases, the identity stays the same as well. Why is this bad for IoT companies? Mainly because MVNOs don’t offer redundancy and remain a single point of failure.  

True eSIMs like Teal work differently and give customers multiple-signaling paths. This provides  IoT companies various access points to MNOs, ensuring always-on connectivity to edge devices.  Teal doesn’t just offer multi-carrier “access”. Teal gives you control over what networks your IoT devices are connected to, providing you with automatic network switching over-the-air (OTA). 

Some MVNOs also claim to offer programmable eSIM solutions, but beware. MVNO’s provide roaming credentials that are determined based on least cost routing chosen by the MVNO for their own profit. An MVNOs primary business model is to markup data. Teal is about giving its customers functionality. Teal gives our customers the flexibility to choose the business model that makes sense for their applications and Teal’s Credentialing-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform provides functionality that enables IoT companies to easily select native core MNO identities or multi-carrier connectivity.  

When futureproofing your IoT deployments, it’s important to understand that MVNOs can create more problems than they solve. We get it, MNOs can be very difficult to work with. The only value proposition MVNOs convincingly offer is an easier path to the airtime and radio networks of the real carrier. However, the shortcuts that they take to get there create long-term problems when attempting to scale IoT solutions.  

If an IoT solution provider were to visit MVNO World Congress, they would likely bump into several versions of a backdoor into the same roaming network. Each of these would have their own single point of failure and statements about how their less expensive data network is a suitable replacement for the one that MNOs spent billions of dollars developing. 

This is why Teal didn’t just build another MVNO, but instead built the world’s first true eSIM platform. We set out to create a solution that would democratize faster access to IoT data networks without reducing them to a cheap copy and paste version. This is also why you should think twice before trusting anyone at the MVNO World Congress with the network lifecycle of your IoT device. Like you, we believe in a world where you have the freedom to choose. You should be in control of your IoT deployments and with Teal you get programmatic control of any network, anywhere in the world.  

Stop wasting your time on connectivity infrastructure and managing multiple carrier relationships and spend more time focusing on scaling your business. 

Get started today by contacting our sales team at: tealcom.ioor ordering Teal’s OneChip eSIM by clicking the following link: OneChip Connectivity Platform | eSIM Cards | TEAL ( 

Don’t get locked into MVNOs. Build faster with Teal!  


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