By Published On: November 20, 2023

Zing, Skyway & TEAL Release Cloud Remote ID Service

Zing Drone Solutions, Skyway Technologies Corp. and TEAL Communications to provide LTE cloud service for FAA Remote ID regulation.

SAN RAFAEL, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 20, 2023 / Skyway, Zing, and TEAL Communications, leading innovators in the unmanned aircraft industry, have announced their strategic collaboration in UAS connectivity and drone delivery operations. Together these collaborators will provide turnkey solutions for safe and eco-friendly drone operations.

Zing, a leader in drone innovation since 2018, proudly presents the Z-RID Broadcast Module. This USA-made FAA-approved module streamlines drone-to-drone deconfliction and ensures regulatory compliance. With a user-friendly Plug and Play design and an impressive 14-hour battery life, it’s universally compatible with all drone models, from the Mavic Mini to the Matrice series. Zing’s dedication to accessible drone technology and safety shines through this revolutionary product.

“This marks the culmination of six months of collaborative effort between our MIT engineering team and our dedicated Florida-based business development team. We are thrilled to introduce the Z-RID™ Broadcast Module to the market, offering a robust, American-made solution that ensures FAA compliance for public safety and commercial operators. The integration with TEAL and Skyway enables key features such as drone-to-drone deconfliction in real-time and a complete picture of low altitude airspace.”

– Ian Annase, Zing Drone Solutions

In this partnership with Teal, Skyway introduces its innovative cloud-based radio service, enhancing the capabilities of eVTOL and unmanned aircraft. “This product collaboration launches a new era for aircraft communication utilizing traditional enterprise cloud systems,” says Clifford Cruz, CEO of Skyway. Robert Hamblet, CEO of Teal, adds, “The drone industry is experiencing a significant transformation, and eSIM technology is at the forefront of this change. We are thrilled to be partnering with Zing and Skyway to open up new possibilities for UAS, allowing drones to extend their reach globally.”

Specializing in mission planning services for airspace management and vertiports, Skyway ensures the seamless integration of unmanned aircraft into urban airspace. By optimizing safety and efficiency, Skyway’s solutions not only elevate the standards of drone delivery operations but also pave the way for the industry’s robust growth. Through this collaboration, Skyway, in tandem with Teal, redefines the landscape of UTM, setting new benchmarks in innovation and reliability.

As this collaboration continues to challenge industry norms, businesses are now invited to be a part of the journey. Zing’s pioneering UAS connectivity solutions are currently available for businesses seeking streamlined drone delivery operations in the United States. Zing is gearing up for an international release in the near future, promising businesses worldwide the same level of efficiency, reliability, and cutting-edge technology that the collaboration with Teal and Skyway exemplifies.

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