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Powering The Internet of Things.

TEAL is the world’s only first US-built, American-owned, patented, GSMA-Certified, eSIM platform, that connects any IoT device on 3,500+ cellular networks worldwide. 

About TEAL

TEAL is an Internet of Things (IoT) networking company that provides programmable connectivity solutions to customers in Mobility, Transportation, Automation, Robotics, Industrial IoT, Manufacturing, HealthTech, AgTech, Defense, and Private LTE/5G.

Compatible with any IoT device, TEAL’s one-chip eSIM solution connects IoT device operators directly to the best carrier networks worldwide, in which it puts them in control of the public and private localized network credentials that live in their device, and gives them the freedom to choose which network they want their devices to connect to.

Many companies with IoT deployments that need cellular connectivity struggle to manage multiple network vendors and contracts across a wide spectrum of use cases with different connectivity requirements. As a result, these businesses have historically turned to Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) solutions to address their problems. However, MVNO’s claiming to offer programmability are simply roaming, which results in poor performance, a lack of redundancy, and higher costs. With Teal, connecting any IoT device on to top leading networks is effortless. Teal is the first US-built eSIM platform to be certified by the GSMA, giving enterprise customers secure, reliable, and affordable connectivity for IoT deployments at scale.

Through TEAL’s marketplace, customers can access 3,500+ public and private networks through the click of a button, pushing local network credentials from the cloud onto the IoT device, ensuring always-on connectivity regardless of where the devices travel in the world.

“If you view networks as apps, then Teal is like the App Store for installing network credentials onto an IoT device. With Teal it’s easier than ever to connect directly onto MNO’s leading network with the click of a button. This saves companies time and money while delivering all the advantages of MNO’s lightning-fast LTE and 5G networks,” said Robby Hamblet, Co-Founder and CEO at Teal.

Comparing a carrier network to an app on a smartphone helps to illustrate how Teal is simplifying the way that IoT devices connect to MON’s LTE and 5G networks. With Teal, enterprises can easily install any network credential into an IoT device with the push of a button, just like downloading an app on the App Store. Teal offers Credentialing-as-a-Service (CaaS), meaning that enterprises get the flexibility to programmatically control which networks live in their IoT devices over-the-air (OTA).

Our Story 

Founded by Robert (Robby) Hamblet and Michael Johnston, Jr. in 2018, TEAL sought to solve past eSIM solutions that have either failed or fallen short, in which they didn’t provide true programmability, control and freedom to device operators. Previously a Senior Engineer at Globetouch, Robby Hamblet..

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Our Vision

TEAL is more than just an eSIM solution.

Our vision is to enhance lives by democratizing access to mobile networks everywhere and connecting the world. We exist to give people across the world more freedom and control over the networks their devices connect to.

Trusted by multiple companies across globe such as, Safe Fleet, Starship, Mochfu, Boingo, Intel, and more, our eSIM technology empowers connectivity solutions for IoT devices that were previously not available.

Whether that is tracking school buses across the country to enhance child safety, or ensuring millions of industrial IoT devices stay connected at all times, or securing always-on connectivity of IoT delivery robots as they move across the world, we are improving the lives of many by ensuring IoT devices are connected everywhere; regardless of where they are located.

“The connected world is exploding exponentially and somewhere around 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2030. 5G remains the most ground-breaking evolution to date in the history of wireless networking and Teal believes that business everywhere should have the ability to access secure and high-performance mobile networks while simultaneously unlocking the benefits of eSIM technology”, said Michael Johnston, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer of Teal.

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