Connecting Mobility

Mobility solutions have always had unique connectivity requirements. Ensuring that mobility solutions are connected at all times regardless of where they’re traveling is crucial. Learn how eSIM from TEAL is providing flexible and reliable connectivity for global mobility operations.

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Reliable Global Connectivity for Any Mobility Solution

  • Carrier agnostic, reduced latency, and redundancy.
  • Dynamic switching between public and private cellular networks and communications technologies.
  • Cross-border network switching for localized connectivity, avoiding permanent roaming risks.
  • Cellular + Satellite for remote applications where cellular is not optimal and satellite fills the gaps.
  • Seamlessly upgrade to 5G and other cellular technologies in the future.

Connecting Mobility Solutions Worldwide

TEAL gives mobility solutions the freedom and flexibility to choose which carrier network best support their business needs. With TEAL’s eSIM technology, mobility solutions and connected cars are carrier and technology agnostic, supporting the carrier LTE bands that their modems utilize. Schedule a meeting with a Teal IoT expert.

How loT Is Enabling Connected Mobility Solutions

Connected Cars and Mobility

Ensuring a device is always-on is especially important for the transportation and mobility industry. Important data around a device’s location, telematics, infotainment, and emergency services are essential in a connected world. Some examples of connected mobility in action include:

Real-Time Traffic Monitoring

Connected cars have the ability to communicate with each other and roadside infrastructure (i.e. traffic lights) in real-time to monitor and manage traffic. This improves traffic flow and safety, while also reducing the number of accidents.

Remote Diagnosis and Software Updates

Manufacturers are able to remotely diagnosis issues with vehicles, schedule maintenance and push software updates with connected cars.

Predictive Vehicle Maintenance and Health Status

Connected cars have sensors that collect data about the vehicles performance and health, and can help predict when a service is needed or parts need to be fixed. This improves the drivers experience as well as reduces the risk of accidents and breakdowns.

TEAL offers redundancy that no other IoT connectivity provider can. Our patented, wholly owned, eSIM platform allows our mobility customers to dynamically switch between carriers.

Safety for Connected Cars and Mobility Solutions

When it comes to mobility solutions and connected cars, the number one priority is safety. TEAL is helping customers reduce preventable accidents across their mobility solutions. Advanced technology including mobile video surveillance and advanced collision avoidance systems, from an integrated platform to help predict and prevent accidents, create better drivers, smarter vehicles, and safer cars.