By Published On: March 7, 2024

Reliability Redefined: Inside NEVI’s 97% Uptime Mandate for EV Chargers

The electric revolution is gaining momentum, and with it, the infrastructure that supports electric vehicles (EVs) is under intense scrutiny. One of the most critical concerns for EV drivers is the reliability of charging stations – with too many drivers experiencing the frustration of inoperative chargers. Addressing this crucial issue, the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program is setting stringent standards, mandating a laudable 97 percent uptime reliability requirement for EV chargers.

The NEVI Program’s Commitment to Expansion

The NEVI program marks a pivotal stride forward in the battle against climate change, dedicating nearly $5 billion by 2027 to establish a robust network of fast-charging stations spanning federally designated highways (NEVI Fact Sheet). This ambitious program targets to invigorate the transition to renewable energy while ensuring seamless travel for EV users across the nation.

Why Uptime Matters

The situation is stark; almost a quarter of existing EV charging stations frequently malfunction. Such statistics don’t paint a pretty picture for prospective EV adopters. The implementation of stringent uptime requirements is not a mere suggestion—it’s the backbone of a reliable, usable EV infrastructure.

The Reality of Charging Station Reliability

Venturing into the current landscape of EV charging can be a game of chance, with reliability issues plaguing charging station networks. No EV driver is immune to the vexation of encountering an out-of-service station, a challenge that has sown seeds of doubt about the viability of widespread EV adoption. Indeed, reports indicate that nearly a quarter of the existing EV charging stations are un-operational at any given point – a barrier that stonewalls the confidence of prospective and current EV drivers alike.

Why Uptime Matters

The situation is stark; almost a quarter of existing EV charging stations frequently malfunction. Such statistics don’t paint a pretty picture for prospective EV adopters. The implementation of stringent uptime requirements is not a mere suggestion—it’s the backbone of a reliable, usable EV infrastructure.

Navigating Connectivity Challenges

A significant contributor to charging failures is inadequate connectivity.

In fact, the data suggests that more than half (55%) of all charging failures come from a station not being able to connect to its cellular network for authentication. Because most EV charging networks use cellular links in their stations, they must be able to reliably connect to high-performing networks in order to function. That’s where eSIM technology comes in. eSIM technology is quickly becoming the go-to connectivity solution for EV infrastructure.

eSIM Technology: The Answer To Uptime Reliability

eSIM technology, with its robust and versatile connectivity capabilities, emerges as a hero in this narrative and is arguably the new standard in connectivity solutions for the evolving EV charging industry. A charging station equipped with eSIM has the ability to maintain reliable connections to leading cellular networks which is critical in adhering to NEVI’s uptime reliability criterion, thereby reducing downtime and meeting end user expectations consistently.

EV charging infrastructure is gravitating toward eSIM for its superior network reliability, flexibility and seamless ability to connect chargers onto any network worldwide over-the-air.

EV charging stations need to be reliably connected for a number of reasons. EV charging stations must be able to process payments, they need to collect and transmit energy usage data, they have to be able to send notifications when they are not functioning, and EV drivers need to be able to locate these chargers and have the peace of mind that they are functioning. eSIM technology can ensure always-on connectivity for EV chargers via its multi-carrier network capabilities. eSIM provides the reliability and redundancy needed for a robust and scalable charging network. With eSIM technology, charging station operators can switch between different networks whenever needed, ensuring that there is always a backup solution in case of network downtime or connectivity issues. This way, EV owners who need to get their cars charged can do so without facing network connectivity issues.

The performance of EV charging stations is an essential factor in ensuring that customers can depend on them to charge their vehicles. True eSIM technology from TEAL provides the highest level of performance for networked charging stations that need to remain reliably connected. This is because true eSIM technology provides uninterrupted connectivity even when there is a network failure on one carrier, which leads to a much-improved customer experience. This reliability can help accelerate the adoption of EVs by eliminating “range anxiety, increase customer satisfaction levels for existing EV drivers, and will be a critical component to scaling the rollout of EV charging stations across America as well as in other countries.

Policy Impact on EV Drivers

NEVI’s 97% uptime mandate is a game-changer for EV drivers that rely on a robust network of charging stations that are up and running when they need a charge. No longer is operational excellence optional; it’s mandated and measured. Companies must step up their game, ensuring their hardware, software, and connectivity align to hit uptime targets. Those that excel not only comply with NEVI guidelines—they set the industry standard for what EV charging should look like.

Impact on Charging Station Operators

For station operators, the NEVI program’s reliability requirements are a clarion call to duty. Meeting these uptime standards exacerbates the need for better technical infrastructure, more efficient management, and rapid response times to issues. It pushes charging companies to innovate, leveraging technologies like eSIM that offer dependable connectivity solutions.

The NEVI program’s implications are wide-reaching, heralding a potential upward trajectory in EV adoption rates by offering peace of mind to drivers. This mandate also sets a precedent for the establishment of future tech infrastructure, one where quality and reliability are not up for negotiation.

NEVI’s uptime reliability provision is a pledge to EV drivers everywhere that infrastructure woes will soon be a thing of the past. This move by the federal government ensures that EV charging companies prioritize reliability just as much as they do availability.

The charging networks able to meet these ambitious requirements with the help of eSIM and other modern technological adaptations will pave the way for mainstream EV adoption. For the EV industry, it’s not about the destination—it’s about ensuring a smooth, worry-free, and dependable ride.

Uplifting the narrative of EV charging means overcoming the connectivity hurdle so that adoption can hit full throttle. If we’re serious about climate change, then we must be even more serious about the solutions we depend on—a statement NEVI embodies with every charging station it helps bring online.

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