By Published On: April 19, 2023

Why Are Leading Robotics Companies Turning To eSIM Technology?

Robots are making their way into almost every sector of our economy, and with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), they are becoming more and more connected. With robots being integrated into several industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, construction, and other sectors, work is becoming easier, faster, and more efficient. But these robots need connectivity to operate. When it comes to keeping robots reliably connected, many companies are making the switch to eSIM technology to save money and streamline their operations. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 3 reasons why robotics companies are turning to eSIM technology and how it benefits them.

3 Benefits of eSIM Technology for Robotics

1. Reduced Costs

One of the main reasons why robotics companies are turning to eSIM technology is to save money. For robotics companies, having an eSIM means they can easily connect to global networks without incurring roaming charges. With traditional SIM cards, roaming costs can be prohibitively expensive for robotics companies, especially when they work in different countries. With eSIM technology, companies can use a local network and avoid expensive roaming charges. Furthermore, eSIM technology supports remote management, allowing robotics firms to activate, deactivate, and switch carriers remotely, decreasing operational costs.

Unlike the traditional SIM card, with eSIM technology, robotics companies are not locked into an agreement with any particular operator. Consequently, they don’t need to negotiate with individual operators and sign contracts based on a limited set of tariffs, which tend to be more expensive. With eSIM technology, robotics companies can choose the network they want to connect to based on their business requirements, which is more cost-effective.

Another benefit of eSIM technology for robotics companies is that it makes it easier to manage multiple devices. Since eSIMs are programmable over the internet, companies can handle managing multiple devices at once. This feature reduces the time and efforts required to get every device set up, which is critical for companies working in various countries. With eSIM technology, robotics companies enjoy a streamlined system that helps them deploy faster and operate more efficiently.

2. High Performance Connectivity

Robotics companies using eSIM technology benefit from lower latency, higher throughput, and better performance. With faster connectivity, robotics companies can receive real-time information and gain better control over their operations. Connecting directly onto a carrier network that fits the specific needs of your deployment results in faster connectivity at more affordable rates. Robotics companies that can connect onto the best networks, anywhere in the world, are able to make better-informed decisions, ultimately leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

3. Increased Flexibility and Control

eSIM technology provides increased flexibility, allowing robotics companies to make the necessary changes to their operations easily. For example, with eSIM technology, companies can easily scale their operations up or down according to demand. Solutions like Teal offer affordable pay-as-you-go pricing, so you only pay for the data you use. Additionally, eSIM technology allows companies to deploy devices globally without having to enter into agreements with different carriers in various geographic regions. True eSIM technology can connect your robots onto any global network on-demand. This provides greater flexibility in terms of mobility and allows companies to operate anywhere in the world with ease.

eSIM technology has significantly impacted the robotics industry, enabling companies to save money, improve efficiency, and increase flexibility. With the numerous benefits of eSIM technology, it is easy to see why robotics companies are increasingly adopting this technology. To remain competitive, it is essential to keep up with new advancements that can potentially revolutionize the industry. eSIM technology is showing great promise to streamline and optimize your operations and with Teal, you get the control and flexibility to connect your robots onto any network worldwide. Find out if eSIM is right for your business. Contact a Teal IoT expert today!

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