By Published On: March 13, 2023

How Are Private Network Operators Leveraging eSIM Technology To Streamline Operations?

Private network operators are increasingly turning to eSIM technology as a way to streamline their operations and better serve their customers. But what is eSIM technology and how are private network operators using it to improve efficiency and reduce costs? Let’s take a closer look at how private network operators are utilizing this revolutionary technology.

What is eSIM Technology?

The ‘e’ stands for embedded. eSIMs come in multiple form factors and are similar to a traditional SIM, as eSIMs can be a physical, insertable chip (2FF/3FF/4FF). However, unlike traditional SIMs, eSIMs can also be soldered onto the motherboard of a device (MFF2). Companies like, Teal offer both plastic eSIM cards (like your standard SIM form factor) and embedded eSIMs that are compatible with any IoT device. This means that users can connect their devices onto any carrier network without having to physically swap out their SIM cards; all they need is access to an available network and the activation process simple. This makes connecting devices directly onto the right networks easier than ever before.

How Are Private Network Operators Leveraging eSIM Technology?

Traditionally, venues like hospitals, campuses, and stadiums have relied on a mix of ethernet, public cellular networks, and WiFi for connectivity. However, public cellular networks are typically bandwidth constrained due to the high density of devices within a small geography. Lower latency and higher bandwidth 5G networks alleviate some of these challenges but cannot be solely relied on for a wide range of consumer, vendor, and enterprise use cases. Ethernet has limitations in supporting mobile use cases, and WiFi lacks the hardened security required for sensitive information like patient data and credit card information.

While ethernet, WiFi, and cellular technologies will continue to play a vital role in connecting venues, private 5G networks are the new solution to connect thousands of IoT devices – bridging the gap by offering 5G speeds and enhanced security with mobile capabilities. Large venues around the world are beginning to recognize the benefits of private 5G networks to drive revenue, streamline operations, and provide an optimal end user experience. Learn more about the importance of private 5G networks in large venues and stadiums.

At large campuses and venues, private network operators can provide closed, dedicated bandwidth to run operational traffic separate from public Wi-Fi and cellular networks, connecting more devices, reducing congestion, and eliminating outages. These private networks feature built-in layers of security ideal for sensitive data transfer, such as mobile payments, and offers fast, low latency coverage.

So, how can private network operators gain the ability to provide these capabilities?

eSIM Technology Enables Access to Private 5G Networks

Private network operators everywhere are taking advantage of eSIM technology. Utilizing Teal PLUS+, a patented SMDP+ technology and the first solution to market offering a Network-Identity-as-a-Service (CaaS) model, network operators can unlock the full value of digital credentialing on eSIM-enabled devices, including smartphones, wearables, laptops, and tablets. By offering their customers the ability to activate accounts remotely, without having to send out physical SIM cards or manually configure devices, private network operators can greatly reduce the time and effort required to provision new devices while also streamlining customer onboarding processes.

Private network operators have discovered that leveraging eSIM technology is not only more efficient but also more cost-effective than traditional methods of managing customer accounts and onboarding new subscribers. By automating processes and giving customers more control, private network operators have been able to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction levels—all thanks to the power of eSIM technology!

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