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The Exciting Trends TEAL is Excited to Explore at CES 2024

Bracing for the Future: A Sneak Peek into the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024

Technology enthusiasts and innovators from all over the world are heading to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 taking place this week, January 9th through 12th. CES is the most powerful tech event in the world — the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. This is where brands get business done, meet new partners and where the industry’s sharpest minds take the stage to unveil their latest releases and boldest breakthroughs. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), CES is the only trade show that showcases the entire tech landscape at one event. This year CES promises to be a game-changer in the tech industry with emerging trends that will revolutionize various fields. In this blog post, we are thrilled to discuss some of the exciting trends that TEAL is excited about in AI and IoT, digital health, smart city technology, agriculture, sustainability, robotics, vehicle technology and mobility.

AI and IoT: The Future of Connectivity

The potential of cellular Internet of Things (IoT) use cases is enormous. From smart cities to connected cars, cellular IoT has enabled a world that is more connected and automated than ever before. But to truly unlock its potential, one critical component must be present: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Why is AI so important for unlocking the power of cellular IoT use cases?

As more IoT devices connect to the internet, data coming from these devices are key to solving problems, improving processes, and helping inform business decisions. Artificial Intelligence will play an increasingly important role in this equation as it evolves and matures, taking valuable data and making sense of it to deliver real-time outcomes. Adding machine learning into the mix, continuous learning will drive the improvement of processes and choices that are computed at the edge.

IoT automation coupled with access to high performance cellular networks is a winning combination for businesses everywhere. Cellular connectivity offers many benefits such as lower costs, higher speeds, and better reliability. Additionally, cellular networks can be used to send remote commands to devices as well as receive data from them. Discover why leading organizations are turning to eSIM technology for reliable global connectivity. With Teal, businesses can connect any device onto any network worldwide, offering the control to switch between networks on demand.

Digital Health: The Pulse of Modern Healthcare

Digital health is a rapidly growing industry that is revolutionizing the healthcare field. At CES 2024, we can expect to see some exciting developments in this area. TEAL customers like Applied Cardiac are already making significant strides in developing products that can help us monitor our health and prevent heart diseases. This year we will see more products that make use of wearable technology such as Withings, Invoxia, and other sensors to help us monitor our health and take proactive actions to stay healthy.

Recent leaps in AI innovation are fueling progress in health technology. Artificial intelligence in health, another key trend, is being used in many cases to harness large data sets for speeding development of personalized treatments. It’s also streamlining clinician workflows to reduce provider burnout.

Evidence points to this trend gaining momentum. Recent CTA research studied perceptions and uses of AI and different digital health solutions to help businesses better understand this changing landscape. Findings from two CTA reports, Driving Consumer Adoption of Digital Health Solutions and 2023 Decoding Consumer Sentiment and Outlook on Artificial Intelligence, U.S. Edition, revealed that:

  • At least three in four consumers who are interested in using digital health solutions believe these solutions will help improve their overall wellbeing.
  • 42% of U.S. adults familiar with AI expect that the healthcare field will experience the greatest positive impact, compared to 20 other sectors surveyed, from AI.
  • More than two in five (42%) are open to having AI technology tools make medical diagnoses for them.
  • 64% of U.S. adults familiar with AI are open (very to somewhat) to consulting with an AI doctor remotely.
  • More than a quarter (29%) are also open to having AI tech tools perform surgery on them.

Take time to check out these exhibiting member companies, among others, at CES 2024, North Hall – Tech East: Abbott, booth 8713; Humetrix, booth 8262; and Withings, booth 8637.

Don’t miss the Digital Health Summit! Learn more here: Digital Health Summit (

Smart City Technology: Building the Cities of the Future

Smart cities are an integral part of our future, and EV charging is an important aspect of building sustainable cities. At CES 2024, companies like Lincoln Electric, EVBolt, Blink, Witricity and Chaevi will be showcasing their latest developments in EV charging.

Other exhibitors making an impact in smart cities include NoTraffic, a promising platform that is using AI to optimize traffic flow in cities and reduce congestion, making it an exciting trend to watch out for. Sustainability has increasingly evolved into an innovation trend, underpinning the development and optimizing the environmental impact of a plethora of industry verticals. See the latest at CES 2024.

Exhibitors to look out for: WiTricity, Blink Charging, Chaevi Charging, Flitway, EVBOLT and NoTraffic

Click here >> Smart Cities at CES 2023: 5 Sessions to See

Autonomous Robots and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

Autonomous robots are not new to CES, but we can expect to see more sophisticated robots that have a wider range of applications. Autonomous robots are being used across industries from smart farming, to delivery robots, to manufacturing, to commercial janitorial robots.

One example is Mobinn, a CES 2024 Innovtaion Award Honorree. MOBINN’s M3 delivery robot is capable of providing delivery services ‘anywhere’, ‘anytime’. Thanks to the independently developed wheel system, it is possible to overcome various obstacles, such as stairs or bumps, with only wheels and without worrying about. Stability of the delivery item was ensured by always keeping the loading box horizontal. That’s why, M3 can deliver coffee safely without spilling a single cup of coffee to customers. The LiDAR-based mapping system used by M3 enables it to operate regardless of the outside environment, whether it is night time or even raining and snowing.

In the delivery sector, TEAL is already helping leading companies like Starship that has deployed robots to make deliveries on campuses and cities worldwide. Janitorial and commercial robots are also on the rise, and companies like UBTECH and Intuitive Surgical developing solutions that increase efficiency and reduce labor costs. TEAL is thrilled to be helping companies like Richtech Robotics who will be exhibiting at CES this year.

Agricultural robots are also gaining popularity, with companies like John Deere and Blue River Technology developing robots that can do everything from harvesting to weed control.

With self-driving tractors, more than 500,000 connected machines and some of the most advanced technologists in the world, John Deere is tackling one of mankind’s greatest challenges: Feeding a hungry population that’s straining the planet, and a climate, in flux. The 186-year-old enterprise, far more than a farming-equipment concern, has long experience overcoming obstacles that inhibit high crop yields while protecting the environment.

Don’t miss the John Deere exhibit to learn more about how autonomous robotics coupled with AI are transforming farming. Be sure to check out Wayrobo for the latest in commercial lawn mowing, and don’t miss a plethora of smart commercial and janitorial robots that are making their way into our everyday lives.

Discover cutting-edge air transport concepts that seamlessly incorporate revolutionary aircraft designs and innovative flight technologies into both existing and adapted airspace systems. Envision a future where people and cargo can be efficiently moved between various locations, with a particular focus on currently underserved local, regional, urban, and rural environments. Find out how TEAL is enabling advanced air mobility solutions with eSIM technology

Other robotics exhibitors to look out for that are leveraging AI for a new tomorrow include: Caterpillar, Locus Robotics,,,,

Vehicle Technology and Mobility: Driving the Future

At CES 2024, mobility is another trend we’re looking forward to exploring. The autonomous vehicle revolution is moving fast. In fact, one company in the space that’s exhibiting at CES this year is working to simplify autonomous operation for traditional car builders. The company is MobileEye and, according to SVP Nimrod Nehushtan, it has relationships with Volkswagen and Porsche. In a market that’s embracing Mobileye’s AV platform — and possibly sooner than you think — your neighbor’s next new car may be fully autonomous. In the transportation industry, Udelv is already making deliveries using autonomous vehicles, and fleets are becoming increasingly automated. Telematics is another exciting area that we can expect to see developments in. Companies like Geotab, and others are using AI to optimize fleet management, enhance driver safety, and reduce fuel consumption, making transportation more efficient, cost-effective.

Exhibitors to look for: Amazon Automovtive, Paccar, PebbleLife,   TIER IV, Inc. (, Geotab,,, VisionTrack, Verge Motorcycles, Swift Navigation 

What’s Connecting it All? Discover the Future of IoT Connectivity with TEAL at CES Las Vegas 2024

At CES 2024, we’re bringing you an exciting opportunity to witness the future of IoT connectivity. Our seasoned experts will be on hand to demonstrate how our eSIM platform can supercharge your operations by streamlining how your devices connect to any global network at the click of a button. Thousands of leading companies worldwide trust Teal’s eSIM technology to optimize their IoT connectivity, and we want to help your business reap the same benefits that others have realized!

We’re proud to be helping leading companies across various industries including roboticsdronesvehicle and fleet technologyagriculture and farmingsmart city technology, and we’re especially proud to be helping companies that are focused on technology solutions for good like EV charging stations.

But what makes our eSIM technology stand out?

We’re saving our customers millions of dollars by eliminating the need for expensive roaming fees and dealing with MVNOs that are selling off a carrier’s rate card. Our eSIMs can be programmed over the air, making it easy to connect any compatible device remotely onto any network. No need to swap out SIM cards or manage contracts with multiple connectivity providers. With one eSIM from TEAL you can easily connect your devices onto any network around the world on-demand.

We are the only eSIM solution that enables native core connectivity onto America’s three tier-1 carriers (T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T) without roaming and we give your business acesss to connect your devices onto thousands of networks worldwide. That’s the TEAL advantage!

Supercharge Your Business with TEAL

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We’re looking forward to meeting you at CES Las Vegas 2024. Don’t wait – book a time slot now and take the first step towards streamlining your business operations with Teal’s global eSIM technology.

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