By Published On: February 28, 2023

How Are Businesses Saving Money with eSIM Technology?

Let’s explore why eSIM technology is so revolutionary and how leading businesses are leveraging this new technology to save money.

For businesses that operate globally or have customers spread across multiple regions, eSIM technology offers several key money saving benefits. One way that eSIM technology helps businesses is by eliminating expensive roaming fees. With traditional SIM cards, companies are forced to pay roaming charges whenever their device enter another country or when they go outside of their home network’s coverage area. True programmable eSIM technology puts businesses everywhere in control of the networks their devices connect to. With programmable eSIM technology, the profile stored on a device’s eSIM can be dynamically updated with whichever network is available in any particular area. Teal’s eSIM platform provides businesses with on demand access and real time configuration on any supported network worldwide, which translates into easy, fast, and reliable deployment of any IoT device. Businesses leveraging eSIM technology take advantage of more flexible pricing plans than traditional SIM cards, as they no longer have to worry about being locked into long-term contracts (as they would with traditional SIM cards and MVNO solutions). Instead, businesses can choose plans that are tailored specifically towards their needs and budget, allowing them greater freedom when it comes to choosing the best plan for any IoT deployment.

eSIM technology makes international IoT deployments much easier for companies with global operations as there is no need to worry about manually switching out their SIM cards every time their devices enter into another geographic area. True eSIM technology eliminates the need for multiple contracts with different carriers in each country where you operate, meaning less paperwork and fewer administrative headaches. eSIM technology also simplifies device management by allowing businesses to manage customer profiles remotely via an online portal. This enables businesses to quickly switch between operators according to specific needs or market conditions. This translates into lower latency, higher redundancy, higher throughput, and cost savings.

Using eSIM technology is an effective way to save money on your business’s IoT deployments while simultaneously increasing security measures and simplifying setup processes across multiple geographic locations. With its ability to provide secure, programmable access to global cellular networks while also eliminating costs associated with purchasing and managing multiple physical SIM cards, businesses large and small alike should look into implementing eSIM technology as part of their overall connectivity strategy. If you’re looking to reduce costs while improving efficiency in your business’s IoT deployments, contact a TEAL eSIM expert today!

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